Small Animal (Rat) Noninvasive Blood Pressure

Measure noninvasive blood pressure from rats, mice and other small animals using the NIBP200A or the NIBP250. The NIBP200A incorporates a built-in pump that automatically inflates the blood pressure cuff to occlude the vessel. Once the pump reaches the inflation point it slowly deflates the cuff, providing a linear drop in pressure. A single pushbutton controls both the inflation and deflation cycles, making the system very operator friendly. Use the software to measure systolic and diastolic blood pressure values. An optional heating unit (TAILHEATINGA/B) allows you to keep the animals warm throughout the course of the test. The system has restrainers and sensors in a variety of sizes to suit most small animals.

The NIBP250 is a stand-alone system that uses the same technique as the NIBP200A, but does not require a data acquisition system to record the data. The data is displayed on an LCD display mounted on the unit. The system allows the user to analyze the data and save the results. The unit also includes analog output signals so that it can also interface with BIOPAC data acquisition platforms and third-party hardware.

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