Railing signal (flatline)

When the amplified signal for any given channel exceeds the range -10 to +10 volts, the signal will rail. You will see a straight line at -10 or + 10 volts (more likely the reading will be close 9.99 volts). The MP system is designed to work only in the range -10 to +10 volts. The signal could rail for several reasons (which are not exclusive):
  • The signal is too strong for the current gain setting on the amplifier. Try reducing the gain setting.
  • You are recording in DC mode when you should be recording in AC mode. If this is the case, make sure DC is off and a switch is set to 0.05Hz HP or 0.5Hz HP.
  • Your amplifier baseline (offset) is not adjusted properly. Please consult with application note 110 for details on how to make the required adjustments.

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