Integrated Partner Solutions

BIOPAC research and education systems record, display and analyze data for a variety of life science applications. BIOPAC is pleased to be partnered with the following industry-leading companies to provide complete solutions for your lab needs—all 3rd-party hardware and software components are thoroughly tested and integrated with BIOPAC systems.

  • B-Alert X10 or X24

    B-Alert X10 and X24
    Wireless EEG

    and Cognitive State Metrics

  • Eye Tracking Glasses

    High-precision ETV Eye Tracking

  • Software & hardware for psychophysiology research

    SuperLab Stimulus Presentation software, StimTracker digital marking system, c-pod and m-pod

  • NIBP100D

    Noninvasive Human Blood Pressure via finger cuff

  • Cognixion headset combines BCI with AR


    Coming soon!

    Wearable headset combining a Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) with Augmented Reality (AR)

  • NIBP200A

    Noninvasive Small Animal Tail Blood Pressure

    Tissue Baths

    Integrated or Modular

  • fNIR Systems

    Portable functional near-infared (fNIR) imaging—monitor localized oxygenation changes to study brain functions in real-life environments

  • iMotions integrates stimuli with other biometrics


    iMotions integrates any type of stimuli with Eye Tracking, Facial Coding, EEG, GSR, EMG, EMG, ECG & Surveys

  • SleepSign forAnimal

    Sleep analysis software for animals

  •  Noldus for behavior research
    Corporate Offices Europe
    Regional Offices China and USA

    Behavior Research Software

    FaceReader expression analysis and The Observer XT observational data

  • E-Prime

    Experiment generation software for stimulus presentation

  • bimodal fNIRS with EEG

    EEG + fNIRS functional neuroimaging for researchers

    MedelOpt Systems:
    Mobility • Infinity •  Tandem

  • Virtual Reality Solutions

    aLIAS a Lifelike Immersive Affective Stimuli | Affective Immersive Emotional Virtual Reality Stimuli Systems for Neuroscience Research

    Vizard VR Toolkit | Virtual Reality Development Software

    VizMove | Virtual Reality Software—scalable seated, standing, walking or projected environments

  • wireless physiology recorders

    BioHarness and TEAM Systems with BioHarness 3 Bluetooth device™

    Physiology Telemetry & Logging Systems


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