Immerse Your Subjects in a BIOPAC VR World

HMD for VR recordingBIOPAC provides a range of virtual reality (VR) immersive solutions with physiology data. Applications include psychophysiology, rehabilitation, neuromarketing & neuroeconomics, biomechanics & kinesiology, ergonomics, and many others. VR allows you to tightly control the experimental conditions and design experiments that are otherwise impossible or prohibitively expensive in the real world. Immersive environments can take the subject anywhere and let you unlock the boundaries of your physical lab space and budget.

BIOPAC provides complete systems, including industry-leading MP160 hardware platforms and AcqKnowledge data acquisition and analysis software, along with amplifiers, electrodes, and accessories. BIOPAC VR systems provide turnkey solutions that include all the interface options and VR worlds—programming optional.

  • Create virtual worlds that are impossible or prohibitively expensive in the real world
  • Synchronize VR events with physiological response data
  • Multimodal stimulation: visual, auditory, olfactory, haptic, and electric
  • Record and analyze physiological, behavioral, and subjective response data

VR Resources & Downloads   VR & Stimulus Presentation Catalog Virtual Reality with AcqKnowledge software

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Actuators/Isolators, replacement

Part #: RXHDS

Replacement actuators and isolators for the HDS100 Haptic Delivery System for tactile feedback during virtual reality experiments. Actuators are placed…

VR Eye Tracking Analytics

Complete VR Eye Tracking System – 1 user

Part #: VR-EYETRACK-SYS-1-user

A simple yet powerful solution for setting up eye tracking experiments in VR Complete Virtual Reality Eye Tracking System allows…

VR Eye Tracking Analytics

Complete VR Eye Tracking System – 2 users

Part #: VR-EYETRACK-SYS-2-users

A simple yet powerful solution for setting up eye tracking experiments in VR Complete Virtual Reality Eye Tracking Systems allow…

haptic transdcuer

Haptic (Tactile) Stimulation Transducer

Part #: TSD190

The TSD190 is a haptic (tactile) stimulator that is ergonomically designed to strap onto a variety of body locations. It…

amplifier, actuators, and isolators provide tactile feedback

Haptic Delivery System

Part #: HDS100

The haptic delivery system provides tactile feedback during virtual reality experiments. The system includes: audio amplifier that connects to a…

Precision Position Tracker Support


VRPPT-SUP provides an extra 12-month support package for camera Precision Position Tracker motion capture systems VRPPT2 or VRPPT4.

Precision Position Trackers

Part #: VRPPT2, VRPPT4

Cost-effective multi-camera PPT motion capture systems offers high-quality optical tracking over a wide range (more than 10 x 10 meters)…

Dry scent option

Scent 5-pack for Scent Delivery

Part #: SCENT

Add olfactory stimulation to a virtual world or other protocol with scent packets. Each scent is shipped in a 5-pack of…

Modular Scent Delivery System for up to 8 wet or dry scents

Scent Delivery System (1-8)

Part #: SDS200-SYS

Project scents on cue for a predetermined time and then extract to clear for the next scent. Deliver multiple scents…

Support for VR Toolkit


This support license provides one (1) year of support/maintenance, including upgrades, for the Vizard VR Virtual Reality Toolkit.

Unity for BIOPAC

Unity Inferface for AcqKnowledge


Unity® Interface for AcqKnowledge® allows you to easily to connect your Unity3D projects with BIOPAC acquisition hardware and analysis software. Create…

VizBox Portable VR


BIOPAC is pleased to offer VizBox from WorldViz™—a first-of-its-kind, patented portable virtual reality system for professionals. Portable yet powerful, VizBox…

Virtual Reality Oculus

VizMove Interactive Virtual Reality Systems


VizMove Virtual Reality Systems allow you to start running a high-res virtual reality lab from the moment you unpack the box. A…

VizMove Interactive Virtual Reality Systems with Biofeedback


These VR Systems combine VizMove Virtual Reality Systems with a biofeedback linking utility to tightly synchronize VR world events with real-time physiological…

VizMove Interactive Virtual Reality Systems with MP System


These VR Systems provide BIOPAC wireless physiological data recording—MP160 System and BioNomadix—with a VizMove VR System, plus the biofeedfack link. Record and…

Projection VR training environments

VizMove PRISM Immersive Training Environment


BIOPAC is pleased to offer VizMove PRISM—an all-inclusive projection solution that enables you to add situational awareness skills to scenario…

VR Stimulus-Presentation Paradigm


This package provides instruction, source code, and audio + 3D art files to Create a Stimulus Presentation Paradigm in VR. The example…

Virtual Reality Acrophobia World

VR World+License: Acrophobia


Acrophobia Tutorial Demonstration VR World program (.exe) with the source code/license for easy modification and accelerated development.