Immerse Your Subjects in a BIOPAC VR World

HMD for VR recordingBIOPAC provides a range of virtual reality (VR) immersive solutions with physiology data. Applications include psychophysiology, rehabilitation, neuromarketing & neuroeconomics, biomechanics & kinesiology, ergonomics, and many others. VR allows you to tightly control the experimental conditions and design experiments that are otherwise impossible or prohibitively expensive in the real world. Immersive environments can take the subject anywhere and let you unlock the boundaries of your physical lab space and budget.

BIOPAC provides complete systems, including industry-leading MP160 hardware platforms and AcqKnowledge data acquisition and analysis software, along with amplifiers, electrodes, and accessories. BIOPAC VR systems provide turnkey solutions that include all the interface options and VR worlds—programming optional.

  • Create virtual worlds that are impossible or prohibitively expensive in the real world
  • Synchronize VR events with physiological response data
  • Multimodal stimulation: visual, auditory, olfactory, haptic, and electric
  • Record and analyze physiological, behavioral, and subjective response data

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