BSL ANALYSIS – Student RSD Download

Click below to download current release BSL Student Software:

HOW TO UNZIP If you are not familiar with “zip” files, read these instruction to UNZIP the download.

REMOTE USERS If Word format is easier than online PDF, download BSL Reports (*.doc). or BSL Home (MP41) Data Reports (*.doc)

NEED AN OLDER VERSION? Files saved with this BSL Student version can be opened in the corresponding full program but are not compatible with earlier releases. For previous versions of BSL Analysis download:

Watch this short video to learn more about BSL Student software:

BSL Student launch diloag

Students can use BSL Analysis software to

  • Prepare for the lab – read the physiology introduction, review the procedure, watch lesson videos, see sample data
  • Analyze the data – open data files and follow the analysis guide, complete the report in the online journal.
  • Share the results – send report and data to the instructor or classmates.


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