BioNomadix Wireless Wearable Physiology

Wireless Physiology Recording and Logging BioNomadix Devices

Physiology where, when, and how you want

The BioNomadix® system of wearable wireless devices delivers the freedom to discover the data the researcher desires, in the environment and at the scale of the researcher’s choosing, with the quality that scientific research demands, and with an unparalleled ease of use for both researcher and subjects.

Record great wireless data in the lab

BioNomadix modules interface with the MP160 data acquisition and analysis platform and AcqKnowledge software for a complete, wireless in-lab solution that supports advanced analysis for multiple applications.wireless data acquisition

BioNomadix provides a full line of signals:

Cardiac Output
Heel & Toe Strike
Clench Force

BioNomadix wireless logger

Log 24×7 with a complete wearable platform

The new BioNomadix Logger allows participants to wear BioNomadix devices and live their lives while it records the data that your research demands. Record subjects’ data, including activity, using BioNomadix transmitters and track them with GPS while they also record their personal synchronized audio notes and mark events of interest.

Focus on the science

The BioNomadix Logger features a small form factor, simple to attach, rugged construction. Receive in-lab telemetry and out-of-lab logging. Easy setup and interface with AcqKnowledge® software and MP160 Systems. The unhindered setup significantly improves the quality of the data and makes it much easier for subjects to respond naturally.BioNomadix wireless logger

Increase subject freedom & experimental complexity

BioNomadix is the perfect tool for applications that demand greater degrees of subject freedom and complex experimental design.

AcqKnowledge software displays, controls, analyzes, replays, and exports BioNomadix data in one convenient program. Plus, AcqKnowledge provides the power of sophisticated automation and scoring routines for each signal type, and customization options.

When used with a BIOPAC MP System, up to 16 channels of BioNomadix data can be recorded for multi-subject or multi-parameter protocols. The system also works with multiple MP160 systems or third-party data acquisition hardware via an isolated power supply module.

BioNomadix accessory items include transducers, electrode leads, straps, and shirts. Choose the new BN-BIOSHIRT sensing shirt to record respiration and ECG, or choose the stretch-mesh, pocketed, zippered BN-SHIRT to comfortably hold and easily access multiple devices.