Human Physiology

Biopac Student Lab EMG

The BSL Human Physiology package provides life science educators with a complete, flexible teaching system. Lessons target the circulatory system, respiratory system, muscular function, brain function, ANS, exercise physiology, and neurophysiology. Use this Core Discipline system for the most widely studied responses in Human Physiology.

Biopac Student Lab is an integrated system of hardware, software, and curriculum which increases student engagement and provides extensive instructor support—before, during, and after the lab. Use the power of the Biopac Student Lab System to conduct the most widely studied responses in physiology labs and perform analysis online or offline.

Dynamic experiments with students as subjects increase interest and retention. Basic lessons guide and prompt students. Promote student inquiry with advanced options or develop user-defined lessons and research projects. Extensive customization options, including the Curriculum Management System licensed feature, allow instructors an unprecedented level of control over lesson content and presentation.

“We have been using the Biopac Student Lab system in our Human Anatomy & Physiology labs at IU South Bend for about 5 years. Students enjoy being able to analyze data that was generated from a member of their lab group. It certainly has more meaning to them than using traditional “canned” lab data.”
—Mary Truex, Indiana University South Bend, Biology Department

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BSL Systems are suitable for inquiry-based, active learning in 2-yr. and 4-yr. programs, medical schools, and nursing programs.

Powerful setup and analysis tools make the BSL ideal for graduate studies and personal research.

BSL Human Physiology System Features (PDF)

  • 11 guided lessons plus 14 dynamic lessons and student-designed lessons
  • Human Physiology Core package for Windows BSLHPY-W or Mac BSLHPY-M
    • Add three lessons with the transducer accessory pack BSLHPY-TA
  • ECG, EEG, EMG, EOG and EGG
  • Pulmonary Function FEV123, MVV, PV Loops
  • Airflow
  • Blood Pressure
  • Heart Sounds and Korotkoff Sounds
  • Nerve Conduction
  • Electrodermal Activity (GSR)
  • Pulse
  • Reaction Time
  • Temperature
  • Stimulation and Response
  • Gas Analysis (O2 and CO2)
  • Colorimetry
  • Force and Pressure
  • Cardiac Output (Bioimpedance), Stroke Volume
  • Auditory, Somatosensory and Visual Evoked Response
  • Angle of Movement
  • Acceleration


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