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Virtual Reality Can Enhance a Wide Array of Research Studies

You can use VR to present immersive environments or test virtual iterations of a product, and measuring physiological responses adds lots of information that expands analysis and understanding.

Are you setting up a virtual reality study? BIOPAC can provide VR/Immersive Solutions with Physiology Data, including options for multi-modal stimulation (visual, auditory, olfactory, haptic, and electric), programmable stimulation, automated event marking & scoring, and more.

Review these resources and contact BIOPAC to discuss how we can help!

  • How VR Can Improve Marketing Research. Watch the interview from Neuromarketing World Forum (in English):

  • How to Integrate BIOPAC Data into the Virtual World | Multi-signal, Multi-subject Streaming in Vizard
    This example shows how to stream fNIRS data and physiological data (heart rate) from four participants using tools in COBI, AcqKnowledge, and Vizard:

  • How to Setup Network Data Transfer (NDT) in AcqKnowledge and Vizard

  • How to Create a Stimulus Presentation Paradigm in VR In this example, food items are presented, but the paradigm can be modified for other stimulus presentations:
    • For full details, watch the on-demand training here.
    • Overview videos: Instrumentation; Food grabber; Transforming models; Food presentation


    • The program starts and stops AcqKnowledge (ACQ) automatically. Simply load all 3D model files in the stimuli subfolder and then randomize the order of object presentation. Pre-loads all models in the queue to reduce lag. When an object is grabbed, a marker is sent indicating the object name. Mean and minimum distance to object for each trial are reported as markers in ACQ. Sending markers to ACQ is optional and set in a variable.
    • Please request the source code and 3D art and we will happily share for free with academic users. Commercial users should contact BIOPAC to discuss use fee & licensing options.
    • All use requires CC Attribution License , commercial use is allowed.
  • How to send markers from Vizard to COBI Modern
    This provides a quick overview of how to send markers from Vizard to COBI. The computers have to be on the same network (can be on the same computer or two separate computers). This shows the initial set of instructions that are required and the “send markers’ command. This explains how to add markers from a live or virtual (playback) recording.

  • File Format for fNIRS data recorded with COBI Modern

  • HMDs and Additional Sensors for fNIRS and B-Alert
    Head mounted displays (HMD) are often utilized in virtual reality protocols. Measures such as fNIRS, EEG, Cognitive State, and Workload use sensors that must be placed on the participant’s head along with the HMD. Maintaining participant comfort as well as field of view is critical for such studies to provide meaningful results. The comfort and fit of multiple HMDs with additional sensor(s) was tested.

  • VizMove PRISM all-inclusive projection VR
    PRISM is an enhanced, immersive, simulation theater that enables you to add situational awareness skills to training with software, hardware, installation, training, physiological measures, and support. Immerse trainees in specific, realistic scenarios to improve preparedness without exposure to hazards. Synchronize events in the training with physiological measures (ECG, RSP, EDA, EEG, fNIRS, etc.) to assess the individual’s response. VR PRISM Info Sheet


  • Script 060 – Dynamometry Feedback | MVC line trace
    A participant records a signal (MVC from a dynamometer in this example) and then approximates the target path as closely as possible. A text file is produced with both the target path data and the approximation data so it can be loaded and analyzed in AcqKnowledge.


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Speech and communication are integral parts of human relationships and development As such,...

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