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Script 057 – Displaying AcqKnowledge Data in Vizard as Text in Real Time using NDT




Data from all the channels in AcqKnowledge (analog, calculation, and digital) can be sent over the network to the Vizard machine(s) in real time. This script download provides instructions for how to set up AcqKnowledge and Vizard in order to receive data from AcqKnowledge in Vizard. The script starts/stops AcqKnowledge and displays real-time data from the channels as text. This script requires an NDT Network Data Transfer license add-on. Script download under Associated Files contains setup instructions, sample data file, and BIOPAC Basic Script.


Figure 1. Vizard and AcqKnowledge windows before data acquisition has been started

Figure 2. Vizard and AcqKnowledge windows after data acquisition started, with real-time channel values displayed in both

Note: the data server needs to be started BEFORE the acquisition begins and to be stopped AFTER the acquisition ends.

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