Simple Sensor Transducers Improve Learning

BIOPAC offers a wide range of high-quality, precision transducers for life science education and research data acquisition supporting human and animal experiments. These transducers connect directly to Biopac Student Lab MP3X or MP45 systems and feature Simple Sensors that help ensure correct connections, reducing equipment error and providing an enhanced classroom experience. When used with Biopac Student Lab (BSL) electrodes, software, and other accessories, these transducers are a key element in complete life science teaching or research system.

Transducers are available for a wide array of life science signals for human or animal studies, and can be purchased separately or bundled as a transducer accessory (TA) pack in order to perform additional BSL lessons.

Biopac Student Lab Simple Sensors connect directly to the “CH” analog input or output on MP36/36R, MP35, MP30, or MP45 data acquisition units.

  • There is only one way to plug Simple Sensor connectors into the MP3X or MP45, so you don’t have to worry about plugging items in upside down or into the wrong socket.
  • SSL Transducers are DSUB 9m for analog input and DSUB 9f for output and feature a 3-meter cable.
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8-Ch Marker Box, Digital I/O, BSL

Part #: SS55L

Use for remote event marketing or to externally trigger data acquisition for psychophysiological response tests. Monitor switch data as a…

Accelerometers – MP3X

Part #: SS26LB, SS34L

Tri-axial Accelerometers connect directly to the MP3X unit to provide three outputs, each simultaneously measuring accelerations in the X, Y,…

SS19LA, TSD120 Blood Pressure Cuff Transducer

Blood Pressure Cuff Transducers

Part #: SS19LB, SS19L

SS19L Series noninvasive blood pressure cuffs come complete with adjustable cuff (circumference range 25.4 to 40.6 cm), pump bulb, and…

Blood Pressure Cuffs

Part #: RX120A, RX120B, RX120C, RX120D, RX120E, RX120F

The RX120 series are optional blood pressure cuffs, of varying sizes, which can be quickly and easily swapped in and…

Blood Pressure Tail Cuffs


The adapter connects to the NIPB200A or NIBP250 amplifier sensor input by a short cable. The IR light source and…

breadboard accessory kit

BME Breadboard Accessories


Includes jumper wire kit, capacitors, resistors, diodes, and integrated chips (ICs), with extras in case students misplace a component. Use…

BME Breadboard System

BME Breadboard Kit

Part #: SS39L

The SS39L Signal Processing Breadboard includes all parts required to complete the Signal Processing Lab Set (BSL PRO H25-H26), an…

RSP transducer setup

Body Strap for RSP transducers


This Nylon Strap fits respiratory transducers BN-RESP-XDCR, TSD201, and SS5LB (sold separately). Use this strap as an extra or replacement…


BSL Breadboard


This breadboard is required for BSL PRO Biomedical Engineering Lessons, such as ECG Signal Processor Lesson Set H25-H26 and H40 EMG-Controlled Robotic…

SS19L Clench Force (Bulb) Transducer

Clench Force (Bulb) Transducer

Part #: SS56L

The SS56L Clench Force (Bulb) Transducer measures force on the basis of the proportionality of clench force to pressure in…

Physiological Sounds sensor

Contact Microphone – MP3X/46/45

Part #: SS17LA

The SS17LA is a contact acoustical transducer. The sensing element is a piezo-electric ceramic disk that’s bonded to the interior…

Differential pressure transducer

Differential Pressure Transducers – DSub9

Part #: SS40L, SS41L, SS42L

The SS40L-SS42L series differential pressure transducers are designed for low range pressure monitoring. These transducers plug directly into the CH…

Displacement Transducer, BSL

Part #: SS14L

For use in recording very slight movements in a range of physiological preparations, the SS14L incorporates a semi-isotonic strain gauge…

Dissolved O2 Probe Transducer

Dissolved O2 Probe Transducer – MP3X/46/45

Part #: SS69LA

The SS69LA transducer measures dissolved oxygen. This easy-to-use dissolved O2 probe relies on fluorescence and has temperature and pressure sensors, allowing…

SS3LA on hand

EDA Finger Transducer, BSL

Part #: SS3LA

The SS3LA transducer connects to a single MP3X input channel to record electrodermal activity EDA/GSR (skin conductance or, with proper…

lead set for disposable EDA or GSR electrodes

EDA Lead Set

Part #: SS57LA

Lead Set for Electrodermal Activity The SS57LA EDA/GSR Lead connects to a single input channel to record electrodermal activity (changes in skin…

Finger Goniometer 35 mm – MP3X/45

Part #: SS24L

SS24L is used to measure finger joint movement. The gauge mechanism in this single-axis goniometer allows for accurate measurement of…

SS61l Finger Flex Transducer

Finger Twitch Transducer, BSL

Part #: SS61L

Use this transducer to record finger twitch responses from human subjects receiving electrical stimulation (using the HSTM01 or STMHUM). The…

Force Transducer 100 g Fixed

Force Transducers 20 g to 500 g – DSub9

Part #: SS63L, SS64L, SS83L, SS65L, SS66L

These SSL series fixed range force transducers connect directly to an MP3X data acquisition unit. The force transducer is designed…


Goniometers & Torsiometers – MP3X/45

Part #: SS20L, SS21L, SS22L, SS23L

Dual-axis devices provide simultaneous measurements around two orthogonal rotational axes and single output devices measure axial rotation about a single plane.…

Hall Effect Switch Assembly

Part #: SS73L

This assembly can detect pedal or flywheel rotations on a cycle ergometer; it can also be used for other purposes. The assembly consists of…

hand dynamometer

Hand Dynamometer – MP3X

Part #: SS25LB, SS25LA

Use this lightweight, ergonomically designed hand dynamometer to measure grip; clench force range 0-50 kgf. Use in isolation or combine…


Part #: OUT1, OUT1A

These wide response high-fidelity headphones are used for auditory stimulus (short tones or clicks) or to listen to physiological signals…

Heel/Toe Strike Sensor Replace

Part #: RX111

Replacement strike sensor for Heel/Toe Strike transducers: TSD111A (research systems) SS28A (telemetry systems) SS28LA (education systems) Note—Heel/Toe Strike Transducers without…

Heel/Toe Strike Transducer – MP3X/46/45

Part #: SS28LA

Use this transducer to record heel and toe strike activity as the subject walks. The SS28LA uses two force sensitive…

Microphone – MP3X

Part #: SS62L

Use this precision microphone with the MP36/35 for speech frequency analysis and other acoustic studies. For use with the MP36/36R/35…

ICG Module measures Zo and dZ/dt

Noninvasive Cardiac Output Sensor – MP3X

Part #: SS31LA

The SS31LA simultaneously measures Impedance Magnitude (Zo; labeled “Z” on the module) and Derivative of Impedance Magnitude (dZ/dt; labeled “DZ”…

pH Probe

Ph Probe – MP3X/45

Part #: SS68L

The SS68L probe transducer can measure pH within the range of 0-14, to .01 resolution. The electrode provides approximately a…

SS4LA, TSD200 Photo Plethysmogram

Photoplethysmogram for Pulse Waveform – MP3X/45

Part #: SS4LA

The SS4LA photoplethysmogram (PPG) transducer operates with the data acquisition unit to record the blood volume pulse waveform via optical methods.…

Pressure Pad / Respiration Xdr – MP3X/45

Part #: SS67L

The SS67L consists of an SS41L differential pressure transducer, RX110 sensor, and tubing. The multipurpose pneumogram transducer can be used to:…

SS13L, TSD104A Pressure Tranducer

Pressure Transducer – MP3X/45

Part #: SS13L

The SS13L is used to measure direct arterial or venous blood pressure in animals, or to record the pressure changes…

Push Button Feedback Transducer

Push Button Hand Switch – MP3X/45

Part #: SS10L

This pushbutton switch is used for remote event marking or for psychophysiological response testing such as stimulus/response studies. It connects…

Reflex Hammer Transducer – MP3X/45

Part #: SS36L

The SS36L is a classic reflex hammer with a transducer attached to perform reflex measurements and record strike magnitude. Being…

Respiration belt transducer BN-RSP-XDCR, SS5LB, TSD201

Respiratory Effort Transducer – MP3X/46/45

Part #: SS5LB

The SS5LB records respiratory effort; the transducer is a rugged strain assembly that measures the change in thoracic or abdominal…



These plexiglass restrainers are used with the NIBP200A or NIBP250 Small Animal Tail Blood Pressure Systems. Size options include: RXRESTRAINER-L for large…

pressure sensor for blood pressure transducers

RX Sensor for TSD104A and SS13L

Part #: RX104A

RX104A is the replacement pressure-sensing element for blood pressure transducer TSD104A or SS13L; RX104A does not include the connector and…

SS6L, SS6, TSD202A Temperature Transducer

Sensor for SS6/6L+TSD202A (repl.)

Part #: RX202A

This is a replacement temperature sensor for TSD202A for MP research systems SS6L for BSL education systems SS6 for telemetry/wireless…

breadboard power

Signal Inputs Cable – Breadboard to MP3X

Part #: SS60LB

Use this signal cable to add signal inputs to BSL Breadboards (BSL-BBOARD or SS39L) . The SS60LB* cable uses resistor values…

Stethoscope transducer BSL Stethoscope (SS30L/SS30LA)

Stethoscope for BSL

Part #: SS30LA

The BSL Stethoscope was developed to teach students the standard procedure for listening to heart sounds and Korotkoff sounds with…

Subject Response – DSub9

Part #: SS43L, SS53L, SS54L

The SS43L incorporates a slide control with graduated scale that allows the user to gauge their subjective response to a…