EDA Lead for disposable EDA electrodes
Part #: SS57LA

EDA Lead Set

Comfortable, Hygienic Setup

Biopac Student Lab Accessory

The SS57LA EDA/GSR Lead connects to a single input channel to record electrodermal activity (changes in skin conductance) or, with modified setup, skin resistance from two EL507A disposable dry electrodes with GEL101A isotonic gel. The EDA/GSR Lead delivers accuracy over its specified range to within 5% with no calibration required. This disposable setup is an alternative to the reusable SS3LA EDA (GSR) Transducer.

  • Biopac Student Lab Systems: requires BSL 4.1 with MP36/35/46/45
  • Research Systems
    • MP36R – connect directly to a CH input
    • MP160/150 – add the DA100C amplifier (set Gain: 1000 and Bandwidth: DC to 10 Hz) and the TCI114 interface

NoteS57L Lead Set for BSL 3 or MP30 has been discontinued; please contact BIOPAC for upgrade options.

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