BioNomadix Signal Interruption

If a BioNomadix wireless physiology signal displays dropout/flatline…

On a single channel

  • Make sure transducer/lead is firmly inserted to transmitter channel, electrodes are fully adhered, and leads are not pulling
  • Switch recording channels (both X, Y, and various channels on Receiver)

On both channels

Radio interference is likely disrupting transmission. Try these steps to restore signal quality:

  • Locate the Receiver/Logger/Smart Center closer to the Transmitter
  • Charge the Transmitter
  • Eliminate alternate sources of electrical noise (i.e., cell phones)
  • Elevate the BioNomadix Receiver/Logger/Smart Center higher in the room
  • Maintain line of sight to the Receiver/Logger/Smart Center
    • Participants may inadvertently be blocking line of sight when they move (i.e., scrunch their head to their shoulder). If there’s enough length in the leads, mount Transmitter on the shoulder or upper arm to let more of the radio energy escape the Transmitter.
  • If the recording environment is near a military base, it’s possible that military-grade RF equipment is interfering; a spectral scan would be required to confirm that and then frequencies could be positioned at quiet points (via BIOPAC Support Request).
    • Current shipping Firmware can’t be used to change to fixed frequencies on paired BioNomadix Receivers; Loggers and Smart Centers can specify their channels.

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