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BIOPAC Systems, Inc. was founded in 1985 and is a leader in the field of life science data acquisition and analysis. We focus on educational markets as well as scientific research markets. BIOPAC is recognized as a premier choice for life science hardware and software, with over 20,000 data acquisition systems worldwide. Explore to learn more about us.

Technical Writer


As a member of both the marketing and the engineering teams, the Technical Writer will be responsible for the creation and maintenance of BIOPAC product and technical documentation, technical marketing blog posts, and user documentation.

Responsibilities include understanding the technology products manufactured by BIOPAC, writing content for product manuals, software guides, installation and setup instructions, product specification sheets, user guides, and product support documentation. The Technical Writer will also support marketing by writing blog posts, ad hoc marketing content, sole source conformity documentation, and will coordinate with printers to include BIOPAC content in published manuals.

The Technical Writer will report to the Marketing Manager, will directly support all BIOPAC products, and will work on a cross-functional team that includes Marketing/Communications, Engineering, QA, and Executive Leadership. This is a full-time position and after the COVID-19 pandemic is over, the Technical Writer will report into the BIOPAC office in Goleta, California.

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