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BIOPAC Systems, Inc. was founded in 1985 and is a leader in the field of life science data acquisition and analysis. We focus on educational markets as well as scientific research markets. BIOPAC is recognized as a premier choice for life science hardware and software, with over 25,000 data acquisition systems used at top institutions and Global 500 companies worldwide. Explore to learn more about us.

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See job description below or on LinkedIn.. Please apply through LinkedIn > Jobs > BIOPAC SQA Technician.

Software Quality Assurance (SQA) Technician

The Software Quality Assurance Technician is responsible for performing end user testing on BIOPAC software before release. This position will be based out of BIOPAC headquarters in Goleta, CA, though remote work can be arranged. The technician must be able to follow written instructions, contribute meaningfully in the development of end user documentation, and clearly communicate any bugs or abnormalities found while testing. They must be computer literate, and able to effectively use both Mac and PC. The tests they must perform will often involve setting up hardware as well as software. The tests will also require a basic knowledge of physiology, in order to perform quality checks on the data being processed.

They will work closely with both the Engineering department and Technical Support department to fully test the software in ways that will mimic typical customer use, with the goal of developing a clean and presentable user experience. This will include general prerelease testing, as well as testing specific hardware combinations when prompted by the Technical Support department. They will be required to be able to stick to a clear timeline for completing this testing and inform their team and supervisor if they have encountered a delay.

Technical Support will request assistance from the technician in their day to day work of answering customer questions. This will consist of inquiring about hardware combinations, known bugs, and software compatibility. The technician must keep notes and document what they have tested in order to assist with these inquiries.

They will work closely with the technical writer in order to create clear documentation for customers to follow, helping to improve both accuracy and readability. They will also occasionally need to check and update existing documentation.

The Software Quality Assurance department will also be responsible for Section 508 compliance, which requires BIOPAC software be accessible to individuals with disabilities. This involves coordinating with every department in BIOPAC in order to complete the required paperwork, on a yearly basis.

Product Knowledge is important and SQA is reviewed on their knowledge of the products and their willingness to learn new products and applications.

The hours are 8-5 Monday through Friday, although there is some flexibility with this.

Essential Duties and Functions


Please apply through LinkedIn > Jobs > BIOPAC SQA Technician 

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