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BIOPAC Systems, Inc. was founded in 1985 and is a leader in the field of life science data acquisition and analysis. We focus on educational markets as well as scientific research markets. BIOPAC is recognized as a premier choice for life science hardware and software, with over 25,000 data acquisition systems used at top institutions and Global 500 companies worldwide. Explore to learn more about us.

Technical Support Executive

The Technical Support Executive is responsible for supporting the entire range of BIOPAC products, including all new product releases. The position will involve telephone and written support. The position is based out of the headquarters in Goleta, CA but occasional travel may be required for customer training and support.

It is vital that the individual is computer-literate and capable of providing first line technical support. The computer skills should be cross platform, Mac and PC. This includes dealing with hardware conflicts and software applications. The software applications demand a good grounding in the life sciences, with some knowledge of mathematical analysis methods.

They will also be responsible for supporting our global distribution network by entering orders when needed and answering their technical support questions.

In addition to resolving technical support issues they will also be responsible for generating sales leads for the region by using email and other means, as necessary. It is important for the Technical Support Executive to develop a good relationship with their distributors making sure that they are following up on sales leads and promoting our products when applicable by working closely with the sales team.

In order to support our customers, they will create Application Notes to explain how to use our equipment. The Application Note is a detailed series of instructions and software screen shots that explain how to use our software to analyze or record particular types of data. It is vital that they possess excellent writing skills.

They will work closely with the software testing and quality control departments providing feedback about our products. They will be required to test software and hardware combinations spontaneously, in order to better support our customers.

It is vital that the feedback they gain from the distributors and customers is passed onto the sales and marketing department for further review. They will be responsible for acting proactively on any particular issues concerning documentation and product performance.

Part of their job will involve application research to provide sales and marketing with information about techniques for using the equipment and potential new markets. Whenever possible they should try and work with customers to develop better application notes and improve on the level of understanding and documentation relating to our products and the applications they are used within.

When new equipment is released, they will provide sales and marketing with training. They will also participate in the training of all new sales, marketing, technical support, and customer service personnel.

The hours are 8:00 am – 5:00 pm PT, Monday through Friday, as stated on the company web site and on the telephone system. A Technical Support team member must be on duty at all times throughout the business day.

Product Knowledge

They will be reviewed on their knowledge of the products and their willingness to learn new products and applications.

Customer Support

This will be based on feedback from customers and distributors. A yearly questionnaire will determine the performance of the technical support department. The questionnaire will be sent to existing users and they will be asked to rank our customer service. This metric will be used to determine the quality of the support provided by the department. NPS scores are tracked monthly and used for Customer Support performance evaluation and metrics.

Support staff will provide paid training for customers and receive bonuses shared by the department when such trainings occur. Distribution of bonuses is at the discretion of the Tech Support Manager.

Application Notes

A review of the Application Notes completed and added to the web site. The quality as well as the quantity will be taken into consideration. Some application notes demand a lot more technical knowledge and research.

Essential Duties and Functions

The incumbent will have the following duties and perform the following functions:


The incumbent will:

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