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BIOPAC offers tools for gaining insights on human behavior, human performance and decision-making. Collect, combine, and analyze biometric data—EDA, EEG, ECG, facial EMG, HRV, temperature and respiration—with eye-tracking, facial expressions, stim, VR, fNIR, video, subject responses, surveys and more.

Use insights from data-driven objective response to

  • Uncover factors driving consumers’ attitudes and behavior
  • Study consumer’s sensorimotor, cognitive, emotional reactions

Capture the emotional/motivational foundation state data that supports decision-making.

Get a comprehensive picture with real physiology data. Combine objective measures and subjective feedback for a rich set of data to guide better results from product development to user experience. Validated, science-guided insights increase understanding for better decisions at every level.

BIOPAC solutions enable discovery of insights for consumer research professionals looking to provide data to product development and marketing teams. Combine objective measures with self-reported data in surveys, A/B tests, and anecdotes to understand completely how and when decisions are made.

BIOPAC is trusted worldwide. Our physiology measurement systems are used to increase understanding at 99% of the top 100 universities in the world and by commercial users from Global Fortune 500 companies across industries.

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