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International Offices

International Offices

BIOPAC Systems, Inc. solutions for life science research and education are used in laboratories and classrooms across the globe. International distributors are listed below.

BIOPAC Systems France

Pons-Himbert and Stucker

Catherine Pons-Himbert, PhD
Olivier Stucker, PhD

155, rue du Faubourg Saint-Denis
Paris 75010

Tél/Fax 01 42 93 20 54
Catherine’s Cell: 06 07 11 00 12
Olivier’s Cell: 06 03 18 76 19



155, rue du Faubourg Saint-Denis
Paris 75010
Tel: +33 01-42-93-20-54
Fax: +33 01-42-93-20-54
Cell: +33 06-07-11-00-12
Cell: +33 06-03-18-76-19
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continuous NIR spectroscopy (NIRS) module

fNIR Imaging Systems

fNIR Imaging Systems are stand-alone functional brain imaging solutions for continuous NIR spectroscopy (NIRS). They provide an in-lab cognitive function assessment and eliminate a great many of the drawbacks of a functional MRI. fNIR optical imaging technology measures neural activity and hemodynamic response in the prefrontal cortex. Subjects wear an fNIR sensor (IR light sources […]

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NEWS CITATIONS – Heart Rate & Heart Rate Variability, Wingate Anaerobic Test, and Neuroscience of Music

BIOPAC provides software and hardware that allow for research teams to record and analyze respiration activity in physiological experimentation. Here are a few notable studies covering HRV, EMG, and EEG measurement. HRV (Jing Wei, Hong Luo, Si J. Wu, Paul P. Zheng, Genyue Fu, and Kang Lee) Humans encounter various stressful situations everyday at work, home, and school. Such stress when experienced at high degrees and/or […]

What makes you laugh the most?

Alan Macy Answers Proust Questionnaire BIOPAC co-founder and R&D Director, Alan Macy, was interviewed recently by Roger Durling for the Santa Barbara Independent. The article, “The S.B. Questionnaire: Alan Macy,” provided a background excerpt of the Santa Barbara entrepreneurs’ past as well as his answers to the Proust Questionnaire. The biomedical technology developed at BIOPAC reflects an ambitious […]

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