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International Offices

International Offices

BIOPAC Systems, Inc. solutions for life science research and education are used in laboratories and classrooms across the globe. International distributors are listed below.

BIOPAC Systems France

Pons-Himbert and Stucker

Catherine Pons-Himbert, PhD
Olivia Stucker, PhD

155, rue du Faubourg Saint-Denis
Paris 75010

Tél/Fax 01 42 93 20 54
Catherine’s Cell: 06 07 11 00 12
Olivier’s Cell: 06 03 18 76 19



155, rue du Faubourg Saint-Denis
Paris 75010
Tel: +33 01-42-93-20-54
Fax: +33 01-42-93-20-54
Cell: +33 06-07-11-00-12
Cell: +33 06-03-18-76-19
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Smart Center controller, 2-3 wireless transmitters & AcqKnowledge plus case

Smart Center | Stand-alone BioNomadix Wireless Systems

Smart Center Stand-alone, Portable Wireless Physiology Systems Smart Center Essentials entry-level system includes a Smart Center Device (BN-SMART with USB power cable), 2 or 3 Transmitters (BN-xxx-T with chargers); AcqKnowledge for Smart Center, and a case. Smart Center Enhanced adds a Logger (BN-LOGGER) and Basic Scripting License (ACK100W-BAS) to the Smart Center Device (BN-SMART with powercable), 3 […]

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Latest News

Students Get Smart

Science Night at Adams Elementary (Santa Barbara, CA) encourages students to discover, play, explore and learn about the importance of science and engineering in daily life. BIOPAC set up a BioNomadix Wireless Smart Center to allow students to record their heart rate. Electrodes were placed on students and leads were connected to a wireless transmitter that sent data […]

New Citations | Stimulation and Mental Processing

Recent developments regarding electric stimulation and mental processing have lead to interesting developments in psychophysiology and physiological sciences. The following studies look at developments in how we potentially care for and understand solutions to issues with mental health, as well as new ways to monitor electrical stimulus on participants. The ventromedial prefrontal cortex (vmPFC) is […]

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