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Remote Eye Tracking: Advanced Integration with Physiology Data

Combining stimulus presentation, physiology data and eye tracking data together in one platform is the newest way BIOPAC helps researchers be more efficient.

Frazer Findlay of BIOPAC and Keith Jackson of EyeTech present Remote Screen-based Eye Tracking Bars with AcqKnowledge and will demonstrate how researchers can now present stimuli and collect & combine eye tracking data with physiology data in a single interface. Includes Q&A.

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New Citations | Using Wireless Technology to Support Psych Research

Solving Physical Stress Issues for Surgeons Physical stress in the operating room is common for surgeons, considering how much time they spend in an upright standing position during surgical procedures. With procedures that require standing for several hours and average reported working times of 60-80 hours a week, surgeons seem to be at risk for musculoskeletal […]

New Eye Tracking Glasses Bring Real-world Data to Academic Research

BIOPAC combines eye tracking with mobile data logging and physiology data collection to run experiments in the lab or in the real world BIOPAC Systems, Inc. is pleased to announce new eye tracking integration for researchers who conduct experiments from mobile participants in diverse locations. ETVision (EYE-ETV) eye tracking glasses now integrate with BIOPAC wireless systems and software, […]

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