BIOPAC amplifiers, transducers, and electrodes work with MP data acquisition systems for a variety of human and animal life science applications.

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Student pack for BSL recording

BSL Accessory Pack


The BSL Accessory Pack includes the consumable items to run 18 BSL Lessons. School bookstores can purchase the BSL Accessory Packs…


BSL Breadboard


This breadboard is required for BSL PRO Biomedical Engineering Lessons, such as ECG Signal Processor Lesson Set H25-H26 and H40 EMG-Controlled Robotic…

Breadboard wirring and resistors, capacitors, diodes

BSL Breadboard H40 Accessories


This Breadboard Accessories Kit includes two jumper wire kits and all required capacitors, resistors, integrated chips, trimmers, and diodes for…

Shielded Development Board for Robotics Labs

BSL Development Board

Part #: BSL-DEV-S

This Development Board with Shield is required for the overall system test in Lab 10 of the H40 EMG-Controlled Robotic Arm Lesson…

fNIRS Lesson Accessories

BSL fNIRS Accessories


The BSL fNIRS Accessory Pack provides items used in lesson F01: The fNIRS System and Oxygenation Changes Measured on the…

electrodes and wrap

BSL Home Accessory Pack


The BSL Home Accessory Pack includes all consumables for BSL Home to allow students to run all nine BSL Home…

robotic grip with Servos

BSL Robot Gripper and Servos


This Robot Gripper with 2 x Robot Servos is used for the EMG-Controlled Robotic Arm created with BSL PRO Lesson Set…

Ringstand with clamp

Clampstand for Robotics


This lab ring and clampstand can be used when building the EMG-powered robotic arm in the BSL PRO H40 Lesson Set.…


Part #: OUT1, OUT1A

These wide response high-fidelity headphones are used for auditory stimulus (short tones or clicks) or to listen to physiological signals…

40HP Monaural, Wide Response Headphones

Headphones – Monaural

Part #: 40HP

These monaural headphones are used with older Biopac Student Lab MP45* for stimulus response experiments and to listen to EMG signals. The 40HP…

Breadboard lead interface

Interface SS2L to BSL-BBOARD

Part #: BSL-TCI25

Use the BSL-TCI25 interface cable to bring an analog signal from an SS2L series electrode lead set to a BSL…

Pressure Pad for TSD110 and SS67L

Part #: RX110

The RX110 is a self-inflating pressure pad connected to tubing terminating in a Luer male connector. The RX110 sensor is…

Robotic Accessories

Robotic Arm Lab Accessories


This accessories kit provides additional hardware required for use with an existing BSL BME System to build the EMG-Controlled Robotic…

Robotics grip

Robotic Arm Lab BME System Add-on


If your lab has a BSL BME System (including MP36/35 Data Acquisition System and BSL Software version 4.1.0 or higher) or…

BIOPAC H40 Lesson Kit

Robotic Arm Lab Set


This kit includes all required hardware for building the EMG-Controlled Robotic Arm using BSL PRO Lesson H40 (set of 10…