BIOPAC amplifiers, transducers, and electrodes work with MP data acquisition systems for a variety of human and animal life science applications.

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Feedback Cbl for MP40

Part #: 40CBLFB1

Use this feedback cable for stimulus/response setups, such as the S11 Reaction Time lesson.


Part #: OUT1, OUT1A

These wide response high-fidelity headphones are used for auditory stimulus (short tones or clicks) or to listen to physiological signals…

40HP Monaural, Wide Response Headphones

Headphones – Monaural

Part #: 40HP

These monaural headphones are used with Biopac Science Lab MP40 and Biopac Student Lab MP45* for stimulus response experiments and to…

Breadboard lead interface

Interface SS2L to BSL-BBOARD

Part #: BSL-TCI25

Use the BSL-TCI25 interface cable to bring an analog signal from an SS2L series electrode lead set to a BSL…

MP40 Audio cable, 3 m

Part #: 40CBLEXT1

The extension cable increases the distance between the sound card and the subject.

Pressure Pad for TSD110 and SS67L

Part #: RX110

The RX110 is a self-inflating pressure pad connected to tubing terminating in a Luer male connector. The RX110 sensor is…

USB Audio Adapter


The Biopac Science Lab MP40 unit connects to a computer via an audio line in port. If a computer does…