BSL fNIR Accessories

fNIRS Education accessories

The BSL fNIRS Accessory Pack provides items used in lesson F01: The fNIRS System and Oxygenation Changes Measured on the Forearm.

BSL-FNIRACC includes:

  • 1 x Occlusion Band (39 cm)—Quick Release
  • 1 x Hand Grip Exerciser—Tension Rating: 15 Kg (33 lbs)
  • 1 x Coban Wrap (10 cm x 4.5 m)—Latex Free

Learn about the fNIRS Imaging Education System.



fNIRS for Education

fNIRS Lessons Overview

fNIRS Lesson 1 Forearm Oxygenation

fNIRS Lesson F2 Signals & Artifacts

fNIRS Lesson F3 Verbal Fluency

fNIRS Lesson F4 Single and Dual Tasks

fNIR Webinar | Combining Optical Brain Imaging and Physiological Signals to Study Cognitive Function

fNIR COBI Tutorial



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