How to Add NIRS Labs for Brain Function and Muscle Oxygenation

Thursday, June 10, 2021

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fNIRS Education Systems are stand-alone functional imaging solutions for continuous NIR spectroscopy. The low-cost fNIRS Education System is a complete solution for educators including curriculum materials, hardware, and software to record, process, and analyze up to 6 optodes of NIRS data. Curriculum materials covering 4 lessons with step-by-step guides for 9 student-friendly exercises measuring changes in deoxygenated (Hb) and oxygenated (HbO2) hemoglobin during cognitive and neuromuscular tasks are included. Instructors can combine with existing Biopac Student Lab systems or use as a stand-alone imaging solution in their lab or classroom. The systems can easily integrate with most commercial physiology teaching systems.

NIRS brings real-time imaging to the lab without the drawbacks of the functional MRI or other imaging techniques that are expensive, time-consuming, and complex. In contrast, NIRS technology is affordable, easy to use, and requires fewer safety considerations. Explore the hemodynamic relationship between the brain and muscle systems with a real-time imaging system that fits in your backpack and has diverse capabilities for teaching and research.

Join us to learn what NIRS can bring to your physiology lab.

You will learn about:

  • Principles of optical brain imaging and the theory of operation
  • Lessons on prefrontal cortex imaging and muscle oxygenation to prove complex cardiovascular and neuromuscular relationships
  • Experiments examining Hb and HbO2 with a demonstration of a blood pressure occlusion task
  • Augmenting fNIRS curriculum with EMG, EDA, EEG, ECG, SpO2, and Respiration to present the relationship between brain oxygenation and other physiological signals
  • Use cases for both teaching and research
  • Curriculum that includes Oxygenation Changes, Dual Tasks, and much more

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About Jasmine AndersonJ. Anderson

Jasmine was the Biopac Student Lab Product Manager; she previously served as the Midwest Regional Sales Representative for four years. Prior to joining BIOPAC Systems, she taught undergraduate laboratory courses and received training in active learning strategies for STEM.

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