fNIRS Lesson License

fNIRS Lesson License

Add fNIRS Lessons to a C Series Imager

Record NIRS measurements from the forehead and the forearm at two wavelengths, 730 nm for deoxy-Hb and 850 nm for oxy-Hb.

Students embark on real-world NIRS research using a student-friendly approach in these four guided lessons covering nine experiments. COBI Modern makes NIRS experimentation easy for students to start recording in under five minutes, and you can also use it to create your own lessons. For analysis, fNIRSoft includes tools for processing data and statistical analysis. Users can also import files in Excel and Matlab.

BIOPAC’s NIRS lessons are derived from scientific publications, providing students the opportunity to repeat well-known physiological phenomenon, such as in the cuff-occlusion task, and discover trends in cognitive function among individuals.

fNIRS-KEY21Each fNIRS Lesson License provides a USB drive with the following:

  1. Digital manual for fNIRSoft and COBI Modern (MANFNIRSEDU)
  2. fNIRS Lesson PDFs for F01-F04 — Restricted printing and copying
  3. Separated Analysis Procedures (.pdf) and Data Reports (.doc and .pdf) — These may be copied and printed

C Series Imager users can purchase a fNIRS Lesson License to use with their systems. Licenses are tied to a single fNIR Imager. In the future when new lessons are released, users may purchase the new lesson materials with a license upgrade.

! Customers who purchased the fNIR103E System do not need to add the fNIRS Lesson License as it is included.

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fNIRS for Education

fNIRS Lessons Overview

fNIRS Lesson 1 Forearm Oxygenation

fNIRS Lesson F2 Signals & Artifacts

fNIRS Lesson F3 Verbal Fluency

fNIRS Lesson F4 Single and Dual Tasks

fNIR COBI Tutorial

fNIR Webinar | Combining Optical Brain Imaging and Physiological Signals to Study Cognitive Function



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