Common mistakes/general troubleshooting

  • Make sure the unit is turned on and connected to the computer.
  • Make sure amplifiers are not set to the same channel—even if some of the amplifiers are not used.
    • Check the switch on top of each amplifier (for some amplifiers the switch is in the front because they use multiple channels).
  • Calibrate and scale the signals (MP Menu > Set Up Channels).
  • Set the sample rate(s) and recording length (MP Menu > Set Up Acquisition).
  • Adjust the display scales so the data is visible (Display menu > Autoscale waveforms).
  • Use correct ground and avoid ground loops.
    • To record EDA/GSR with other biopotential signals (ECG, EEG, EOG, EGG, EMG, ERS), BIOPAC recommends using CBL205 connected to one ground on any of the biopotential amplifiers. The subject will be grounded through the Vin- of the EDA electrodes, but in some cases it is necessary to have more than one ground; in such cases, use an AC-coupled lead adapter (CBL205) to prevent ground loops.
      • For example, if, while recording a biopotential and EDA/GSR you have to remove the EDA electrode during a stage of the experiment, you will still want to have a ground for the biopotential. Connect the Vin- lead of the EDA as ground, and connect an AC-coupled ground to the biopotential amplifier. The result is that you will always have a ground and no ground loops.
    • Ground loops can be a problem when using any two of the following amplifiers at the same time: EDA100C (or GSR100C), EBI100C, or NICO100C, but there are setup options if absolute measurements (i.e., SCL) are required:
      • Use two wired amplifiers (EDA100C/GSR100C with NICO100C) with a single MP150 System by adding the Isolated power supply IPS100C, interface amplifier HLT100C, isolator OUTISO, and cable CBL100.
      • Use a single MP150 system and opt to record EDA/GSR wirelessly and Cardiac Output wired.
      • Use two MP150 systems, with one of the two units connected to each system or two BioNomadix amplifiers.

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