Checking Finger Cuff Lifetime for NIBP100D/NIBP100D-HD

One may check the remaining life for a finger cuff sensor used with the noninvasive blood pressure monitors, NIBP100D and NIBP100D-HD. These finger cuffs expire after a certain number of hours of measurement. Specifically, the lifetime of the standard finger cuff is 150 hours, unless longer-life cuffs were ordered.

There is a way to check the lifetime of any finger cuff. On the NIBP100D and NIBP100D-HD device itself, one checks through the user interface/the front panel. Please note, this feature is available only from CNAP software version 3.7 and higher.

To check remaining finger cuff sensor hours:

  1. Connect the finger cuff to the NIBP100D/NIBDP100D-HD in standard fashion.
  2. Turn on the device.
  3. Then, before starting an experiment, use the selection knob on the front panel of the instrument, to reach the CNAP menu / service / log.
  4. When prompted, enter the four-digit user password: 8737
    • Upon doing so, the remaining time of the connected finger cuff sensor will be displayed.

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