Psychophys/Neuro transducer pk
Part #: BSLPSY-TA-MP36/35

Psychophys/Neuro transducer pk

Advanced Amplifier for Research Applications

Convert biological signals for analysis with MP system or AcqKnowledge®

Includes this hardware:
  • SuperLab System STP35W
    includes SuperLab 6
    includes SuperLab to MP3X cable
    includes M-POD event mark to I/O port (DB25 connector)
    includes Response Pad
  • Noninvasive Cardiac Output Sensor SS31LA
    includes 4 x CBL204 Touchproof “Y” adapters
    includes 8 x LEAD110 unshielded lead
  • Paired electrode packs 6 x EL500 (25 per pack)

Adds these BSL PRO Lessons (see Curriculum for details):

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