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Revolutionary Ring Delivers Lab-grade Physiological Data

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Research Ring by Senstream

EDA, PPG, temperature, and ECG captured from a single, user-friendly device with long battery life

The Research Ring is a revolutionary research platform that enables the capture of high-quality data from numerous physiological signals on a single, small, user-friendly device. The Research Ring collects research-grade data in a friendly form factor: electrodermal activity (EDA/GSR), pulse (with an optical sensor), temperature, and when second point of contact is made, electrocardiogram (ECG). Data is automatically uploaded to the cloud for analysis and can be synchronized with AcqKnowledge in real time or imported into AcqKnowledge asynchronously from the cloud.

  • ELECTRODERMAL DATA The first ring form factor device that captures lab-quality electrodermal activity (EDA), enabling new types of research
  • PULSE Capture photoplethysmography (PPG) data
  • TEMPERATURE Body temp measured at the finger
  • ELECTROCARDIOGRAM Available when second point of contact is made
  • MOBILE AND CLOUD APPS Start capturing data with just a ring and iPhone app, which seamlessly connects to the cloud
  • BIOPAC INTEGRATION* Use with AcqKnowledge Research Ring Software to record in real time or import into AcqKnowledge from the cloud

Learn more in Research Ring Webinars:  Novel, Mobile, Wearable Device for EDA, Pulse, ECG, Temp and Research Ring: Real-world Applications

Pricing is based on the number of rings purchased at the same time and varies at the following quantity breaks: 1-4, 5-19, 20-49, or 50+. Select quantity below and complete checkout to receive a quote.

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Research Ring on forefingerThe ring allows researchers to gather physiological and other data “in the wild,” in everyday settings with their study participants. This has generally not been feasible because data acquisition hardware and software has historically required large, computer-connected signal acquisition systems, and lab-friendly (but not user-friendly) systems, cables, sensors and software. While more portable systems have evolved, the problem with many of them is that they do not capture high-quality data that researchers can use for peer-reviewed studies.

  • EDA: Gold-plated dry electrodes—no electrolyte required, Sampling rate up to 400 Hz
  • PPG: Dual green LEDs + frequency tuned photosensors, Module output and peak picking in the app, Sampling rate up to 400 Hz
  • ECG: Gold-plated dry electrodes, Sampling rate up to 800 Hz
  • Temperature

Features & Benefits

  • Comfortable, Adjustable Ring Lightweight, adjusts to different finger sizes
  • Research-quality, Biometric Data Collect EDA, PPG, Temp, and ECG plus derived signals
  • Collect Data Anywhere Lab, work, home, school, in the wild
  • Customize Data with Selectable Modes Select signals and sample rates
  • Bluetooth BLE Communications Collect and stream to iPhone, iPad, or AcqKnowledge
  • Long Battery life 8 to 15 hours based on sampling rates
  • Integrates with BIOPAC Devices Add signals for comprehensive physiology monitoring
  • Streams to AcqKnowledge Software Real-time data viewing, access, and analysis
  • AcqKnowledge In-lab Video Integration Add up to 8 Cameras and synchronize data in AcqKnowledge
  • Collect Data from Single or Multiple Participants Connect 9 rings to a single iOS device or computer running AcqKnowledge; start and host all sessions simultaneously using AcqKnowledge

Ring Use Cases

Applications | Longitudinal, real world, and lab studies

  • Psychophysiology
  • Lifestyle – stress, sleep, etc.
  • Mental health and wellness
  • User experience research
  • Consumer insights
  • Media and communications
  • Longevity and aging
  • General health tracking

Use cases

  • PTSD monitoring
  • Food and mood
  • Pain assessment
  • Classroom engagement
  • Movie and TV engagement
  • Meditation and mindfulness
  • Sleep monitoring
  • Extreme emotions
  • Stimulus presentation and VR

Research Ring collects EDA, PPG, Body Tempo, and ECGIf researchers want to study a user’s psychophysiological and other contextual data, they can give the Research Ring to a study participant along with a companion mobile application. This “mobile first” approach is also cloud-friendly. The data is collected on the iPhone and can be immediately stored on the cloud when a data collection session ends. The ring comes with the phone app and a year of Senstream Cloud.

Research Ring raw data—ECG, PPG, EDA, and Temperature—displayed in viewer:

Ring data

*BIOPAC INTEGRATION  In addition to being a stand-alone research tool, the Research Ring can also be used with AcqKnowledge Research Ring Software (ACK100W-RNG) for in-lab applications or to import data acquired from the phone app to the cloud into AcqKnowledge. AcqKnowledge Research Ring Software can interface up to nine rings per computer and installation also provides a single license for Basic Scripting and Workflow drag-and-drop automation.

Research Ring data—PPG, Temperature, and EDA—displayed in AcqKnowledge software:

ring data in AcqKnowledge


Research Ring | Unbox & Set Up

Research Ring | Driving Demo with PPG and EDA Data



Knowledge Base

proof point

Mobile and Cloud Apps

Start capturing data with just a ring and mobile app, which seamlessly connects to the cloud. BIOPAC integration offers powerful tools.

proof point

ECG and/or Pulse

Capture electrocardiograph (ECG) and/or photoplethysmograph (PPG) data, depending on the specific needs of a study or application.

proof point

Electrodermal Data

The first ring form factor device that captures electrodermal activity with lab quality, enabling new types of research.

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