Eye Tracking Technology
Part #: EYE-ETV-01, EYE-ETV-00

Eye Tracking Glasses ETV

Wearable, lightweight eye tracking glasses

Precise, binocular point of gaze at 180 Hz

Synchronize eye tracking data & video with physiological data

Use ETVision (ETV) wearable eye tracking glasses for Gaze, Pupillometry, Saccade, and Fixation data—and synchronize with physiology signals in AcqKnowledge for a comprehensive study.

The ETVision (ETV) wearable unit resembles an eyeglasses frame that can be worn by itself or over the participant’s prescription eyeglasses. It contains miniature “eye cameras” that view each eye and a “scene camera” that views the scene in front of the participant, and a microphone. An optional visor can be mounted to the front of the headgear.

  • High-definition Scene Image
  • Fast and simple setup with single-point calibration
  • Displays left eye, right eye, and scene image
  • Score feedback gives investigators confidence for quality of gaze data
  • Automatic vergence correction for accuracy and distance
  • Constant real-time feedback shows point of gaze and system features recognition performance
  • Two-way audio allows investigator and participant to speak with each other during task performance

Recording video and audio data to an SD card on your existing PC for later data processing allows the subject to be completely un-tethered while data recording takes place. The optional “Argus Science ETPhone” app can calculate gaze, display gaze, and record gaze on a mobile device or record to an SD card. Review the Eye Tracking Glasses Overview (pdf).

System options:

EYE-ETV-01 system includes glasses hardware and analysis software plus an AcqKnowledge license for Eye Tracking to import Argus data and synchronize with multiple physiological measures for a comprehensive research study.

EYE-ETV-00 is a stand-alone system with glasses hardware and analysis software but no license for AcqKnowledge integration.

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