Eye Tracking

Cutting-Edge, Integrated Eye Tracking Systems

Now scientific researchers and commercial consumer marketing and neuroscience research teams can quickly and easily obtain and analyze complete, precise eye tracking data and physiological data with hardware/software packages from BIOPAC. BIOPAC cooperates with leading eye tracking manufacturers, such as Argus Science, EyeTech, and Arrington Research, to offer an array of eye tracking systems that are easily integrated with stimulus presentation, Virtual Reality environments, physiological monitoring, and other media. Combined with BIOPAC data acquisition systems and AcqKnowledge software, eye tracking systems offered by BIOPAC provide extensive acquisition and analysis features that fully support complex experiments. Select systems are also ideal for consumer neuroscience, consumer behavior, neuromarketing and neuroeconomics studies conducted by commercial or industrial research teams. Systems offered by BIOPAC include cables and analog outputs required to interface to BIOPAC data acquisition systems or 3rd-party A/D converters.

Eye Tracking Solutions

BIOPAC offers a plug and play integration of physiological signals and eye tracking data captured in the laboratory and during interactive real-world tasks. Integrated data acquisition is made simple. The Hardware can be easily connected, experiment design and analysis do not require programming skills.

Eye Tracking solutions include glasses, non-contact bars, scene cameras, and head-mounted displays. 

Integrating Eye Tracking & Physiology Data

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VR Eye Tracking Analytics

Complete VR Eye Tracking System


A simple yet powerful solution for setting up eye tracking experiments in VR Complete Virtual Reality Eye Tracking Systems allow…

Eye Tracking Glasses ETV

Part #: EYE-ETV-01, EYE-ETV-00

The ETVision (ETV) wearable eye tracking glasses resemble an eyeglasses frame that can be worn by itself or over the…

Licensed Feature enables import of eye tracking data

Eye Tracking Glasses Import License

Part #: ACK100W-ETG

The ACK100-ETG AcqKnowledge licensed functionality key enables users to import eye tracking glasses data and video to synchronize in AcqKnowledge software…

Eye Tracking Integration License

Part #: ACK100W-EYE

The Eye Tracking Integration License fully integrates remote screen-based eye tracking bars with AcqKnowledge to manage set up, calibration, plotting,…

Eye Tracking Stimulus Tracking

Eye Tracking StimTrac License


StimTrac Module ETAnalysis Licensed Feature Add-on for Existing Argus Eye Tracking Glasses Users The StimTrac (Stimulus Tracking) Module adds exciting…

CBL100 Series cables

Interface Cables

Part #: CBL100, CBL126, CBL125, CBL124, CBL123, CBL122, CBL128, CBL101, CBL102, CBL105, CBL106, CBL107, CBL108, CBL117, CBL118, CBL121

CBL100 Series analog connection cables connect stand-alone equipment to an MP System. Analog outputs from preamplifiers, oscilloscopes, eye tracking glasses,…

Remote Screen-based Eye Tracking BAr

Remote Screen-based Eye Tracking Bars


This mini screen-based remote eye tracking bar provides gaze position, dwell time, blink rate, pupil size, and more. Use with…