Research Ring Software for BIOPAC integration
Part #: ACK100W-RNG-1-9, ACK100W-RNG-10-18, ACK100W-RNG-19-27, ACK100W-RNG-28-36, ACK100W-RNG-37-45

AcqKnowledge Research Ring Software

AcqKnowledge Research Ring software can interface up to nine rings per computer and import data acquired from the phone app to the cloud into AcqKnowledge—installation also provides a single license for Basic Scripting and Workflow drag-and-drop automation.

The Research Ring is a revolutionary research platform that enables the capture of high-quality data from numerous physiological signals on a single, small, user-friendly device. Research-grade in a friendly consumer form factor, the Research Ring collects electrodermal activity (EDA, aka GSR) data, pulse (with an optical sensor), temperature, and electrocardiogram (ECG). In addition to being a stand-alone research tool, the Research Ring can also be used with AcqKnowledge software for in-lab applications.

Use AcqKnowledge Research Ring Software to support up to nine rings, via Bluetooth, with a single instance of AcqKnowledge. Users with more than nine rings can add additional software to install on additional computers at discounted prices when purchased at the same time:

  • Up to 9 rings, 1st computer: ACK100W-RNG-1-9
  • Rings 10-18, 2nd computer: ACK100W-RNG-10-18
  • Rings 19-27, 3rd computer: ACK100W-RNG-19-27
  • Rings 28-36, 4th computer: ACK100W-RNG-28-36
  • Rings 37-45, 5th computer: ACK100W-RNG-37-45
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Research Ring | Unbox & Set Up

Research Ring | Driving Demo with PPG and EDA Data



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