MedelOpt fNIRS Mobility + Research Ring

Hardware Package: Wireless
Applications: fNIRS Functional Near Infrared Optical Brain Imaging
Advanced Features: Consumer Neuroscience – Data Logging, Consumer Neuroscience – Wireless EEG and Cognitive States, Consumer Neuroscience – fNIR Optical Brain Imaging

MedelOpt fNIRS Mobility + Research Ring

MedelOpt® Mobility system provides whole-head functional neuroimaging (fNIRS) with electroencephalogram (EEG) for real-time noninvasive measurement and recording of brain activity.  The Research Ring enables the capture of high-quality EDA, PPG, Body Temp, and/or ECG data on a single, small, user-friendly device.

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Part #: MOBIL 8-16-EEG, MOBIL 8-8-EEG, MOBIL 8-8


Research Ring by Senstream


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