BIOPAC Workflow License for AcqKnowledge
Part #: ACK100M-AWF, ACK100W-AWF

Workflow Automation Licenses

Workflow—A Great Tool for Every Researcher!

Automate AcqKnowledge with New Workflow Tool

New automation tool significantly saves time and improves consistency with standardized procedures

Workflow’s drag-and-drop interface allows you to automate and repeat the signal-conditioning and processing steps your protocol requires in an easy-to-use process without programming or scripting knowledge. Batch process multiple files with confidence that they’re all processed using the same procedure. Easily automate routines to expedite signal conditioning and preparation for analysis with a standardized approach. Extract measurements, analyze data and get results faster, for meaningful scientific insights. Save and share workflows with others in your team to help reduce training time and increase standardization and collaboration.

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Take AcqKnowledge to the next level by adding Workflow

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Worflow Automation

Integrating BIOPAC Research Systems | Data Acquisition & Analysis

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