AcqKnowledge Licensed Features

Expand the Power of AcqKnowledge

BIOPAC provides a variety of Licensed Features and functionality to expand the power and flexibility of  AcqKnowledge software.  Site licenses, Developer packages, and combinations are available to maximize the the utility of your AcqKnowledge in your lab or department. Licensed functionality is added to registered AcqKnowledge software and must be activated by BIOPAC. Used in conjunction with BIOPAC electrodes, hardware platforms such as the MP150 and MP36R units, amplifiers, transducers and other system components, AcqKnowledge is part of a complete data acquisition and analysis system.

Other Licenses:

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AcqKnowlege license for FaceReader expression analysis

AcqKnowledge Interface for FaceReader


This is a license add-on for AcqKnowledge to integrate FaceReader 9—the interface license does not include FaceReader software. Emotion reading software locks onto a subject’s face…

Actigraphy Licenses

Part #: ACK100W-ACT, ACK100M-ACT

Automated Actigraphy Analysis Package with Routines for Sleep & General Gross Motor Activity! Record long-term accelerometer data and analyze sleep…

Baroreflex Sensitivity Licenses

Part #: ACK100W-BRS, ACK100M-BRS

Monitor changes in baroreflex sensitivity with AcqKnowledge‘s new Baroreflex Sensitivity Analysis licensed feature! The Baroreflex Sensitivity (BRS) analysis license for AcqKnowledge provides…

BIOPAC Basic license

Basic Scripting Licenses

Part #: ACK100W-BAS, ACK100M-BAS

Take AcqKnowledge to the next level by adding BIOPAC Basic Scripting It will significantly reduce analysis time and improve consistency…

Licensed Feature enables import of eye tracking data

Eye Tracking Glasses Import License

Part #: ACK100W-ETG

The ACK100-ETG AcqKnowledge licensed functionality key enables users to import eye tracking glasses data and video to synchronize in AcqKnowledge software…

Eye Tracking Integration License

Part #: ACK100W-EYE

The Eye Tracking Integration License fully integrates remote screen-based eye tracking bars with AcqKnowledge to manage set up, calibration, plotting,…

Tap into the live data stream in AcqKnowledge

Network Data Transfer Licenses

Part #: ACK100W-NDT, ACK100M-NDT

Run your own analysis routines in parallel with AcqKnowledge Network Data Transfer (NDT) is a real-time data transfer system that…

P/V Loop Licenses

Part #: ACK100W-PVL, ACK100M-PVL

Record and Analyze Pressure-Volume Loop Data! The Pressure-Volume Loop Analysis License includes: QuickStart template for recording Baseline Analysis routine Full…

Remote Monitor License for AcqKnowledge

Part #: ACK100-REM

A convenient way to view data on other computers in other locations! Remote Monitoring provides a simple browser interface from which…

animal telemetry BIOPAC

Stellar Implant Licenses

Part #: ACK100-STL1-9, ACK100-STL10-49, ACK100-STL50+

This implant software add-on is for existing users of AcqKnowledge for Stellar Telemetry. Each small animal telemetry license adds AcqKnowledge software support for one (1)…

AcqKnowledge Workflow Action examples

Workflow Automation Licenses

Part #: ACK100W-AWF, ACK100M-AWF

Workflow—A Great Tool for Every Researcher! Automate AcqKnowledge with New Workflow Tool New automation tool significantly saves time and improves consistency…