AcqKnowledge Site Licenses

Site Licenses for AcqKnowledge

The BIOPAC Systems, Inc. Site License program permits the purchase of a site license for a specified number of copies of the AcqKnowledge data analysis and acquisition software. The Site License program allows for additional concurrent users to be added to an existing AcqKnowledge installation.

  • For network installations, the relevant number of copies required is the number of machines upon which the software will be used concurrently.

The site license program is for academic institutions only and is subject to qualification. Consult BIOPAC Systems, Inc. for full details.

Each site license option includes the appropriate version and number of software disk(s) and License KEY(S). After purchase, KEYS should be registered on the BIOPAC website for support and replacement options.

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network software keys

AcqKnowledge Network License

Part #: ACK100-NET25

Easily increase concurrent users The Network License allows the primary investigator, research manager, and up to 25* concurrent networked users…

BIOPAC software license KEY11

AcqKnowledge Site Licenses

Part #: ACK100W-2, ACK100M-2, ACK100W-6, ACK100M-6, ACK100W-9, ACK100M-9, ACK100W-25, ACK100M-25, ACK100M-99, ACK100W-99

One standard license and KEY (USB dongle) to add specified number (-#) of users to installed AcqKnowledge software, to increase the…