add licenses for Stellar Telemetry to AcqKnowledge
Part #: ACK100-STLRT16, ACK100-STL1-9, ACK100-STL10-49, ACK100-STL50+

Stellar Implant Licenses

The Premier Data Acquisition & Analysis Program

Specialty license for greater discovery

Harness the power of dozens of sophisticated automated analysis routines…

This implant software add-on is for existing users of AcqKnowledge for Stellar Telemetry (running ACK100W-STLRT for updated Stellar Hardware or ACK100W-STL for older systems), which provides licensing for up to eight (8) implanted sensors—a license is required for each additional active sensor.

How many licenses are required?

A license is required for every ACTIVE Stellar sensor.

ACK100-STLRT16 enables support for up to 16 implants for existing ACK100W-STLRT Stellar Real Time license users

ACK100W-STL# small animal telemetry license adds AcqKnowledge software support for one (1) additional Stellar implant.

  • If 50 Stellar sensors were purchased but only 10 were implanted, a total of 2 licenses would be required (1 x ACK100W-STL covers 8 implants + 2 x ACK100-STL1-9 covers 2 implants).

Licenses purchased at the same time include a cost savings, with increased savings as the number of licensed purchased at the same time increases: 1-9, 10-49, or 50+.

Implant licenses can only be added to the current release AcqKnowledge software. To add implant licenses to an older AcqKnowledge license will require an AcqKnowledge software upgrade.

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