AcqKnowledge for Stellar Telemetry

Stellar Telemetry with BIOPAC AcqKnowledge

Easily Schedule, Record, and Analyze Stellar Telemetry Data with AcqKnowledge

Control wireless data acquisition from multiple animals and harness the power of dozens of sophisticated automated analysis routines using the Gold Standard for research data acquisition and analysis software: AcqKnowledge.

AcqKnowledge for Stellar animal telemetry scheduling and analysis

Intuitive Animal Scheduler: Easy-to-configure calendar displayā€”Select a subset or complete range of animals for long term recordings of conscious, unrestrained small animals

Customizable Display: View Data in Multiple Display modes simultaneously. Signal Conditioning Tools include filtering and artifact removal

AcqKnowledge: Multi-Animal, Multi-Channel simultaneous automated data analysis. Stellar Analysis routine extracts mean values and standard deviations from data segments. The software provides powerful automated routines for EEG, seizure detection, EMG, ECG, HRV, EOG, EGG, and dozens more. Results are easily exported to Microsoft Excel(R) for further statistical analysis.

AcqKnowledge software, BIOPAC hardware platforms such as the MP160, and BIOPAC amplifiers, transducers, electrodes and accessories form a complete physiology research system.