AcqKnowledge Upgrade
Part #: UPGACQ (01-02), UPGACQ (02-03)

AcqKnowledge Software Upgrade to current release

Upgrade Today; Greater Discovery Tomorrow

Take your system to the next level

New Features and Enhancements Increase the Power & Flexibility of AcqKnowledge!

This upgrade to the current release of AcqKnowledge adds the newest features and user interface enhancements for your data acquisition and analysis needs.

AcqKnowledge 5 users: this is a free upgrade–contact to confirm your original purchase and receive download details.

Check BIOPAC Software Compatibility. If upgrading from an older version of AcqKnowledge, see Details below for previous release features. For a more complete description of features, see the “AcqKnowledge 5 Software Guide” under Support.

AcqKnowledge 5.0.8 New Features

  • Support for Workflow Automation licensed functionality (Workflow is also included with Scripting licenses)
  • Support for MP36AR
  • Trial period for software licensed features
  • Check software to download/install available updates Windows only
  • Derivative calculation channel
  • Finite Difference calculation channel and Transform menu option
  • Assembly for Stimulus Presentation Windows only
  • Trigger for Stimulus Presentation Windows only
  • Export event marks and data to MATLAB/Octave
  • Import event marks option for semi-colon delimited text file
  • Modified sample data/template files
  • Bug fixes

AcqKnowledge 5.0.7 New Features

AcqKnowledge 5.0.7 is for Windows only

  • Support for Noninvasive Blood Pressure Systems NIBP100E and NIBP100E-HD
  • Integration of Scent Delivery System SDS200-SYS with stimulus presentation
  • Bug fixes

AcqKnowledge 5.0.6 New Features

  • Support for Licensed Features and hardware integration:
    • Argus eye tracking glasses
    • EyeTech eye tracking bars
    • AcqKnowledge Stimulus Presentation for eye tracking bars:
      This licensed feature enables users to create stimulus programs from within the AcqKnowledge application, thereby bypassing the need for third-party stimulus software. The AcqKnowledge Stimulus Presentation program simplifies the setup and running of stimulus protocols, while integrating the stim output with available Eye Tracking and FaceReader, in addition to the full range of physiological signals supported by AcqKnowledge and the MP160 System.
    • B-Alert X24 headset
  • New filtering options for EEG analysis:
    • Filter Multiple Channels at Once allows FIR, IIR, or Comb Band Stop filters to be selectively applied to a single EEG channel or to multiple EEG channels at the same time
  • Event marks with transparent backgrounds
  • Ability to easily export snapshot of current registry content (Windows only)
  • Bug Fixes
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