B-Alert EEG X-Series Systems with AcqKnowledge
Part #: B-ALERT110-WA-00, B-ALERT110-WA-01

B-Alert Wireless EEG System

Simple, Portable, Accurate, Wireless EEG

The fast, easy & wireless way to acquire EEG & ECG

Easily Add EEG to Your Research Study!

B-Alert X-Series Systems offer acquisition of high fidelity wireless EEG plus ECG, and AcqKnowledge® adds powerful analysis tools, including automated scoring and reporting options. Choose the X10 System for 9 channels of high-quality EEG plus one optional ECG, EOG, EMG, ECG channel or the X24 System for 20 channels of high-quality EEG plus one optional ECG, EOG, EMG, ECG channel. Together, a B-Alert X-Series System and AcqKnowledge provide researchers with a turnkey, easily procured system solution and the fastest, easiest way to include neuroscience and EEG to any study in real-world or simulated environments.

  • Popular applications include EEG-Based Metrics, Brain-Computer Interfaces (BCI), Consumer Neuroscience, Fatigue, PTSD, Team NeuroDynamics, Accelerated Learning, and more!

Combine the B-Alert X10/X24 with the MP160/MP150 system to record a wide range of synchronized physiology signals. Both the B-Alert X10/X24 and the MP160/150 are fully integrated within AcqKnowledge and one click of a button seamlessly starts both devices. The MP160/150 system has options for wireless and tethered amplifiers. The two systems easily integrate with stimulus presentation systems and event marks are captured and used for detailed event-related studies. AcqKnowledge includes automated analysis routines for a wide range of signals, thus providing lab managers, researchers, and procurement staff with a single source for one system that will serve multiple research projects.

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