B-Alert X10/X24 Analysis Software Add-On
Part #: B-Alert-SFT-W

B-Alert Cognitive State Software

Simple, Portable, Accurate, Wireless EEG

Measure and analyze cognitive states

The fast, easy & wireless way to acquire EEG & ECG

Easily add EEG to any Research Protocol

Classify Cognitive States with this analysis software add-on for B-Alert Systems.

For real-time monitoring of fatigue, stress (measured using HR metrics), confusion, engagement and workload, use a B-Alert X10 or X24 System with Cognitive State software. The software’s metrics classify data from B-Alert Wireless EEG systems. Stress is monitored through Heart Rate (HR), Heart Rate variability (HRV), and LF/HF ratio. HR increases are associated with arousal; HRV is used to indicate healthy vs. unhealthy cardio responses during stress and the ratio is the measure of the balance of sympathetic vs parasympathetic activation. These measures are all related to stress and responses to stressful situations.

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