B-Alert X10/X24 Disposable Study Kit

B-Alert X Series Sensor Strips & Consumables

Use B-Alert Sensor Strips for a variety of wireless EEG applications (e.g., human factors, ergonomics, neurogaming, neuromarketing, neuroleadership, team neurodynamics, brain computer interfaces, etc.) and IRB-approved human subject research.

  • Single-Use Universal Strips: These universal strips are compatible with X-Series black headset model LE or, with adapter, model T.; universal strips are not compatible with older silver headsets. XS – 5 per pack, S – 10 per pack, M – 10 per pack.
  • Consumables pack: 40 Disposable Electrodes for ECG/Mastoids, 10 each 30g tube Conductive Cream, and 10 each 12cc Syringe w/built in curved tip. The Consumables pack matches what is typically needed for acquisitions done with 10-packs of the Small and Medium Single-Use Universal Strips; Extra Small is a 5-pack so will match 2 x typical setup).

Universal strips work with B-Alert LE headsets, or legacy T headsets with recommended adapter; universal strips are not compatible with older silver headsets.

Choose a strip size AND consumables below—both are required for complete setup.

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