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VizMove PRISM Immersive Training Environment

Virtual Reality Training Simulator

Installs easily in most rooms—no impact on an open room when not in use

Multi-functional: Standardize training experience & change scenes with the push of a button

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VizMove PRISM Projection System

BIOPAC is pleased to offer VizMove PRISM—an all-inclusive projection solution that enables you to add situational awareness skills to scenario training with software, hardware, installation, training, physiological measures, and support.

  • Augment your training classroom with unforgettable realism
  • Capture real-world scenes and bring them into your training space without technical expertise
  • Immerse your trainees in realistic and specific scenarios to improve preparedness without exposure to hazards
  • Add physiological measures (ECG, RSP, EDA, EEG, fNIRS, etc.) and synchronize with events in the training to assess the individual’s response

PRISM is an enhanced, immersive, simulation theater. It is an integration of wrap-around visualizations, surround sound, controllable lighting, and content interaction. Available as single, dual, triple, or quad configurations.


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  • Convert any room into a content-rich learning environment
  • Comprehensive physiological assessment of stress, workload, attention, engagement, and more
  • Standardize the environment as part of the curriculum
  • Train individuals or groups in an interactive space
  • Create specific environments to suit regional training requirements (e.g., local hospitals for medical students)
  • Save on time and cost to implement and maintain training rooms
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Build scenes that will challenge students and elicit emotions, memories, responses, and ideas


Drag and drop your media into PRISM and enhance the scene with added sounds, lights, smells, and interactive triggers


Capture images and videos from any location you can take your included 360 camera

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Part #: VR-PRISM
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  • Visualization: button-click simplicity to create and use content
  • Interaction: touch walls with your hand, or select in the environment with a controller
  • Sound: surround sound system to add realism and auditory cues
  • Light: illuminate your virtual environment and/or physical environment
  • Scent: add ambient smells to your room to enhance simulation
  • Physiological Response: synchronize with events in the training to assess physiological response, workload, distraction, stress, etc.


VR Immersive TrainingVizMove PRISM – Enhanced, Immersive, Simulation Theater


Works well for scenarios with a fixed orientation for the participant to focus

The 1-projector system transforms a wall or screen to an interactive training environment. This is the only configuration we recommend as a mobile system. A VizMove PRISM single wall delivers the same ease of use and interactive functionality as multi-wall systems Most systems are delivered installed, but a SINGLE is the only system we offer as a portable system (example use cases are for trade show and/or onsite presentations).


The immersive experience is introduced at this level

The 2-projector system seamlessly blends across the corner of a room to create an over-180-degree field of view. This is an extremely flexible solution that fits in the corner of most rooms, and stores nearly out of sight. DUAL installations are ideal for multi-purpose rooms. DUAL systems deliver an impressive level of immersion without compromising your existing room usage. Many training applications can be oriented within 180-degree viewing range.


The most popular VizMove PRISM installation

The 3-projector system uses 3-projectors on 3-walls to offer visualizations covering 270 degrees field of view. This is truly an environment you can get lost in. With projections wrapping around most of the room, the TRIPLE offers a high level of immersion
Ideal for VizMove PRISM installations inside larger rooms where an audience has a viewing or if there is no adjacent control room and system hardware must be installed within the VizMove PRISM.


Ideal for maximum immersion and realism

The 4-projector, 4-wall installation offers 360 degree wraparound immersion. If a room affords this option, it is truly an exceptional experience. A square floor plan is recommended for a QUAD system. Consider viewing options (e.g., in room or an AV system).

Each fully-integrated PRISM System includes:

touchscreen tablet, and gyro mouse controlPRISM software with Tablet Controller
Ultra Short Throw projector(s)
360 Camera & Tripod
Image Generator
Wall-touch and Control-wand
Enabled 4.1 sound system
Controllable Ambient Lighting
Onsite installation and training
1-year PRISM Support contract

All VizMove systems are modular and extensible. Adaptable to enhance your available training space. While not in use, there are minimal obstructions and the room can serve other purposes.

Curious? Let’s discuss how PRISM can enrich your next experiment!



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