VizBox portable VR

VizBox Portable VR

BIOPAC is pleased to offer VizBox from WorldViz™—a first-of-its-kind, patented portable virtual reality system for professionals. Portable yet powerful, VizBox delivers fully-immersive 6DOF VR content. Easy set-up, self-contained, and robust enough for safe shipping and travel!

  • Easy to use—The VizBox is designed to be operable by anyone – no specialized training or technical skills required, allowing individuals using virtual reality for the first time to set the system up on their own in minutes.
  • Self-contained—With VizBox, everything you need to experience high-quality VR content is right in the box, including an enterprise class VR-ready laptop, all connecting cables, and an Oculus with touch controllers.
  • Sturdy, Shippable—The entire VizBox unit is built directly into a hard-sided Pelican case featuring custom cut foam inserts. Confidently ship your VR system directly to your clients so they can experience your content remotely.
  • Built-in Tracking—VizBox leverages an Oculus HMD with Touch Controllers. The Oculus tracking system is built directly into the unit, allowing you to experience fully immersive 6DOF VR content with no hassle.

Requires additional software—Vizard or Vizible—let’s discuss which is best for your lab needs!

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