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VizBox Portable VR

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VizBox portable VR

BIOPAC is pleased to offer VizBox from WorldViz™—a first-of-its-kind, patented portable virtual reality system for professionals. Portable yet powerful, VizBox delivers fully-immersive 6DOF VR content. Easy set-up, self-contained, and robust enough for safe shipping and travel!

  • Easy to use—The VizBox is designed to be operable by anyone – no specialized training or technical skills required, allowing individuals using virtual reality for the first time to set the system up on their own in minutes.
  • Self-contained—With VizBox, everything you need to experience high-quality VR content is right in the box, including an enterprise class VR-ready laptop, all connecting cables, and an Oculus with touch controllers.
  • Sturdy, Shippable—The entire VizBox unit is built directly into a hard-sided Pelican case featuring custom cut foam inserts. Confidently ship your VR system directly to your clients so they can experience your content remotely.
  • Built-in Tracking—VizBox leverages an Oculus HMD with Touch Controllers. The Oculus tracking system is built directly into the unit, allowing you to experience fully immersive 6DOF VR content with no hassle.

Requires additional software—Vizard or Vizible—let’s discuss which is best for your lab needs!

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VizBox portable VR
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VizBox works with Vizard or Vizible software—add the option that suits your protocol:

Vizard 7

VR Development Platform for R & D

Create: Comprehensive, Python-based VR development took that makes creating immersive scenarios and experiments quick & easy.

Analyze: Stream, output, and analyze real-time data from a variety of sources, using a wide range of VR hardware, biofeedback monitors, input gloves, eye-tracking, body tracking, and more.

Harness the Power of VR
to Research More Effectively

  • Create | Rapidly create a wide range of immersive experiences wit the embedded interactive simulation engine. Script with Python.
  • Deploy | Build once, deploy everywhere. Connect VR hardware such as analog controllers, haptic devices, motion capture suits, projection systems, biofeedback devices, and more.
  • Analyze | Real-time data output, use of Python data analysis libraries, integration with 3rd-party data output programs such as AcqKnowledge; Vizard data can also be sent to MATLAB.
  • Scene Editor & Inspector Tool | 3D model viewer lets you quickly view assets, examine graph structures, see stats on polygon and texture usage, adjust lighting, textures, and more.
  • Display Flexibility | Render to single and multi-screen 3D projection systems including curved surfaces. Readily connect to a multitude of 3D stereoscopic devices including HCT Vive, Oculus, and WinMR headsets.
  • Art Workflow | Import industry standard 2D and 3D formats including GLTF. Implement advanced material shading techniques and the ability to add your own GLSL shader code.

Why Vizard?

  • Rapid, extendable
  • Python-based development
  • Real-time data recording and streaming
  • Connect 3rd-party hardware in seconds
  • Accurate timing control
  • Workflows from Revit, Solidworks, Maya, 3DSMax, Blender, Sketchup, Modo, and more!
  • Over 150 natively-supported hardware peripherals
  • 360 mono/stereo videos and photos
  • Live, animated built-in avatars and Mixamo support
  • Native support for multi-projection and clustered setups
  • Collaborative/Multi-user
  • Backwards compatibility


VR for Education and Training

Creation: The Vizible Presentation designer lets users create immersive VR trainings. No coding.

Collaboration: You can hold captivating online classes trainings inside the presentations, in VR.

Harness the Power of
Low-code VR Collaboration Software

Create VR Presentations | Teachers, trainers, and students can create VR experiences and make them accessible around the world. 3D models, 360 photos/videos, and more.

Present in VR | Meet with students, study participants, or trainers in VR to guide them through an experiences you’ve developed.

Analyze your Success| Review experiments, trainings, or classes via recording to revisit them and iterate.

Communicate Better | Captivate and immerse your audience with natural ease.

Learn Increase learning outcomes by creating memorable learning experiences that occupy 100% of your prospect’s attention.

Save Money | Reduce physical travel by meeting virtually, without compromising a personal connection. VR gives online gatherings and sense of space and presence.

Why Vizible?

  • Boost engagement
  • Memorable learning and training
  • Interact with complex 3D models
  • No technical knowledge required
  • Create content for next-gen hardware
  • Countless use cases for creation, collaboration, and training

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