BioNomadix 2Ch Wireless EMG Set
Part #: BN-EMG2-T

BioNomadix 2Ch Wireless EMG Transmitter

The Dual Wireless EMG BioNomadix Transmitter is specifically designed to measure one or two channels of Electromyogram (EMG) data. EMG data can be recorded from two independent sites. Internal highpass and lowpass filters provide for high quality amplification of the EMG waveform, which results from the electrical potentials generated by muscle cells. The high signal to noise ratio and high time-based sampling resolution permit the pair to be used for precise mean and median frequency, power spectrum or integrated analysis studies.

Use AcqKnowledge to evaluate activation level and muscle recruitment order. The software can automatically integrate the raw EMG signal and provide a detailed frequency analysis of the EMG data. Wide bandwidth EMG data can be filtered to specific frequency ranges to accommodate high quality EMG signal identification even in the presence of extensive subject motion.

The Transmitter works with a Logger or a matched BioNomadix Receiver.

  • For experiments requiring data logging (up to 24 hours) outside the lab from mobile subjects, the Logger is recommended.
  • For in-lab applications requiring viewing live EMG data from untethered, mobile subjects, researchers often select a BioNomadix EMG transmitter/receiver pair configuration.

BioNomadix devices are part of a complete research system. These units interface with the MP150 data acquisition and analysis platform and AcqKnowledge software, allowing advanced research for multiple applications and supporting extensive electromyography (EMG) analysis.

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