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Transmitters for BioNomadix Wireless, Wearable Physiology Recording Systems

BioNomadix Transmitters noninvasively record full-bandwidth physiology data and are typically dual-channel devices that record two of the same biopotential or transducer signal or a combination of signals. BioNomadix Transmitters are used with the BioNomadix Logger or a matched BioNomadix Transmitter-Receiver set; Transmitters are included with some BioNomadix and Logger Systems. The BioNomadix system of wearable wireless devices delivers the freedom to discover the data the researcher desires, in the environment and at the scale of the researcher’s choosing, with the quality scientific research demands, and with an unparalleled ease of use for both researcher and subjects.

Transmitters can be added to a BioNomadix setup to create the optimal signal combination for a research study. When multiple devices are in use, the Sync button can be used to identify the matching receiver and AcqKnowledge can combine data from multiple devices into one graph file.

BioNomadix are configured for specific signal types so you easily record high-quality data without having to adjust hardware or software settings.

  • Logger 24-hour logger for up to 3 dual-channel transmitters
  • Smart Center Stand-alone, Portable Wireless System
  • Use a paired Transmitter-Receiver Set when interfacing to an MP160. Transmitters that are part of a matched pair can interface to a matched BioNomadix Receiver module and a BioNomadix Logger.