BioNomadix Logger with Clench Force & EMG

Hardware Package: Wireless
Applications: EMG: Electromyography, Biomechanics, Exercise Physiology
Advanced Features: Isometric Contraction, Data Logger, Exercise Physiology, Subject Mobility, H-Reflex Methodology, EMG and Movement Analysis

BioNomadix Logger with Clench Force & EMG

BioNomadix Logger and one transmitter for wireless dynamometry & EMG, clench force transducer, 30 cm leads & disposable electrodes, plus Impedance Checker

Part #: BN-LOGGER-1

physiology data logger


Part #: BN-EL30-LEAD3

BioNomadix Lead Set - 2 x 25 cm clip lead

Part #: EL504

Part #: ELPAD

ELPAD Abrasive Pads

Part #: EL-CHECK


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