BioNomadix 2Ch Wireless Heel-Toe Strike Set

BioNomadix 2-Ch Wireless Strike Amplifier – Heel/Toe

BioNomadix®: Physiology Where, When, and How You Want

Amplifier for wireless, wearable physiology

BioNomadix Dual-channel Wireless Heel and Toe Strike Transmitter & Receiver Pair

The Dual Wireless Heel and Toe Strike BioNomadix Pair consists of a matched transmitter and receiver module specifically designed to measure two channels of strike data. Strike signal data is transmitted at a rate of 2,000 Hz, providing an extremely high resolution waveform at the receiver’s output. Raw data from the pair is bandlimited from DC to 10 Hz to provide a very high quality recording. The matched pair incorporates internal highpass and lowpass filters to provide for high quality amplification.

  • For Heel/Toe data, add the Heel/Toe Strike Transducer (BN-STRIKE-XDCR – separate purchase). The system will record heel/toe strike activity via two force sensitive resistors (FSRs) located in the associated transducer on two analog input channels (one for heel strike, one for toe strike). Use two BN-STRIKE-XDCR transducers (four channels) to record from both feet simultaneously.

These units interface with the MP160/MP150 data acquisition & analysis platform with AcqKnowledge software, allowing advanced analysis for multiple applications and supporting acquisition of a broad range of signals and measurements.

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