Transducer Amplifiers

A Full Range of Transducer Amplifiers

BIOPAC provides a wide variety of transducer amplifiers for pyshiology measurements, including GSR (EDA), Pulse, Respiration, and Pulse Ox (human and animal).  General purposed transducer amplifiers are also available.  BIOPAC 100C series transducer amplifier modules are single channel, differential input, linear amplifiers with adjustable offset and gain. These modules are used to amplify smaller voltage signals coming from transducers (typically less than ±0.01 volt). In addition to amplifying signals, most of the 100C series modules include selectable signal conditioning ability so that data may be filtered or transformed as it is being collected.

Modules can be cascaded by snapping the modules together. Up to sixteen 100C series modules can be connected to the MP System at any one time.

Transducers usually involve a simple connection to the subject to translate physical changes (in temperature, for instance) into electrical signals; connections for corresponding transducers are discussed in each section.