Transducer Amplifiers

A Full Range of Transducer Amplifiers

BIOPAC provides a wide variety of transducer amplifiers for pyshiology measurements, including GSR (EDA), Pulse, Respiration, and Pulse Ox (human and animal).  General purposed transducer amplifiers are also available.  BIOPAC 100C series transducer amplifier modules are single channel, differential input, linear amplifiers with adjustable offset and gain. These modules are used to amplify smaller voltage signals coming from transducers (typically less than ±0.01 volt). In addition to amplifying signals, most of the 100C series modules include selectable signal conditioning ability so that data may be filtered or transformed as it is being collected.

Modules can be cascaded by snapping the modules together. Up to sixteen 100C series modules can be connected to the MP System at any one time.

Transducers usually involve a simple connection to the subject to translate physical changes (in temperature, for instance) into electrical signals; connections for corresponding transducers are discussed in each section.

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BioNomadix Wireless 2 Ch Heel/Toe Strike Amplifier

BioNomadix 2-Ch Wireless Strike Amplifier – Heel/Toe


BioNomadix Dual-channel Wireless Heel and Toe Strike Transmitter & Receiver Pair The Dual Wireless Heel and Toe Strike BioNomadix Pair consists of a…

BioNomadix Wireless 2 Ch Goniometry Amplifier

BioNomadix 2CH Wireless Goniometry Amplifier

Part #: BN-GONIO

The BioNomadix two channel wireless goniometry amplifier is a dual output device that provide simultaneous measurements around two orthogonal rotational axes…

BioNomadix Wireless 2 Ch Respiration Amplifier

BioNomadix 2Ch Wireless RSP Amplifier

Part #: BN-RSP2

The Dual Wireless Respiration BioNomadix module pair consists of a transmitter and receiver matched pair specifically designed to measure respiratory…

BioNomadix Wireless Accelerometer Amplifier

BioNomadix Wireless Accelerometer Amplifier

Part #: BN-ACCL3

The BioNomadix® wireless Tri-axial Accelerometer is a broad spectrum acceleration measurement system and tap detector. The system can measure the…

BioNomadix Wireless PPG with EDA/ GSR Amplifier

BioNomadix Wireless PPG and EDA Amplifier

Part #: BN-PPGED

The Wireless Photo Plethysmogram (PPG) and Electrodermal Activity (EDA/GSR) BioNomadix module pair consists of a matched transmitter and receiver. The…

BioNomadix Wireless Dynamometry with EMG Amplifier

BioNomadix Wireless Pressure-Based Dynamometer with EMG


The Dynamometry-EMG BioNomadix Pair consists of a matched transmitter and receiver module specifically designed to measure one or both signals. Pressure-based Dynamometry—the…

BioNomadix Wireless 2 Ch Resp/ECG Amplifier

BioNomadix Wireless RSP with ECG Amplifier

Part #: BN-RSPEC

The Dual Wireless Respiration and ECG BioNomadix module pair consists of a matched transmitter and receiver pair optimized for respiration…

EDA Electrodermal Activity Amplifier

Part #: EDA100C

The EDA100C Electrodermal Activity Amplifier measures both the skin conductance level (SCL) and skin conductance response (SCR) as they vary…

EDA Electrodermal Activity Amplifier for MRI

Part #: EDA100C-MRI

MRI Smart Amplifier The EDA100C-MRI measures both the skin conductance level (SCL) and skin conductance response (SCR) as they vary…


EDA Smart Amplifier

Part #: EDA100D

Easily record great electrodermal activity (EDA, GSR) data. BIOPAC’s new Smart Amplifiers are designed for great data. Smart Amplifiers improve…

BIOPAC Evoked Response Module

ERS Smart Amplifier

Part #: ERS100D

The ERS Evoked Response Smart Amplifier is an extremely low noise differential amplifier that accurately amplifies very small potentials, such…

General Purpose Transducer Amplifier

General Purpose Transducer Amplifier

Part #: DA100C

The DA100C is a very low noise and drift differential bridge amplifier that will operate with a wide variety of…

Human Oximetrt System

Human Pulse Oximetery (SpO2) System


The OXYSSH-SYS is a noninvasive Human Pulse Oximetry System that works in conjunction with an MP36, MP36R, MP35 or MP45*…

Cardiac Output amplifier

NICO Smart Amplifier

Part #: NICO100D

The NICO Smart Amplifier is specifically designed to measure thoracic impedance for performing noninvasive cardiac output measurements. The amplifier terminates in…

Photo Plethysmogram Amplifier

Photo Plethysmogram Amplifier

Part #: PPG100C

The PPG100C Photoplethysmogram Amplifier records the pulse pressure wave and provides an indication of blood pressure, blood density or vasoconstriction. Front…