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BIOPAC wireless physiology system linked with VizMove VR

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VizMove virtual reality

These VR Systems provide BIOPAC wireless physiological data recording—MP160 System and BioNomadix—with a VizMove VR System, plus the biofeedfack link. Record and analyze physiological, behavioral, and subjective response data in realistic, immersive environments that would be impossible or prohibitively expensive in the real world. Add auditory, olfactory, haptic, and electric stimulus for an incredible degree of realism. Eye tracking HMD options also available.

MP Research System with BioNomadix wireless recording

Get all the benefits of wireless with the quality & integrity of a wired system. The MP160 data acquisition and analysis platform with AcqKnowledge software provides a complete, wireless in-lab solution that supports advanced analysis. The MP160 can record up to 16 channels of data for multi-subject or multi-parameter protocols for multiple applications. These VR Systems get you started with two dual-channel BioNomadix transmitter-receiver sets for four channels of your selected biometrics.

Biofeedback Link

The biofeedback link uses AcqKnowledge software with Network Data Transfer and a proprietary utility to tightly synchronize VR world events with real-time physiological response data, allowing you to change the environment in real time, based on the participant’s responses.

VizMove Systems

VizMove Virtual Reality Systems allow you to start running a high-res virtual reality lab from the moment you unpack the box. A great solution for starter VR labs that want to expand their stimulus delivery capabilities, VizMove Systems include everything you need to create and experience interactive virtual reality applications for a variety of protocols. Systems are offered to meet specific research needs and lab space for single or multiple users:

Seated VR | Compact & Precise: Computer, Vizard software, VR headset, Gamepad controller
Standing VR | Precision tracking: Computer, Vizard software, VR headset, 2-sensor PPT motion tracking with wand (up to 3m2)
Walking VR | Wide-area Motion Tracking: Computer, Vizard software, VR headset, 4-sensor PPT motion tracking with wand (up to 7m2)
Projection VR | Stereoscopic multi-user experience: Computer, Vizard software, two 3D projectors & 5 3D glasses, 3-sensor PPT motion tracking with wand

Watch videos and learn more about system capabilities below…

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Vizard Development Platform

Innovative VR development platform with powerful, scalable, and flexible tools—rapidly build & deploy a wide range of immersive, 3D experiences.

Amazing immersive experience

State-of-the-art head-mounted display (HMD) or projection system with 3D glasses deliver high-resolution virtual reality

Budget-friendly VR

Turn-key systems to record and analyze physiological, behavioral, and subjective response data in realistic, immersive environments that would be impossible or prohibitively expensive in the real world.

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MP160 Research System

MP160 data acquisition and analysis systems provide a flexible tool for life science research. MP160 workstations include all hardware, software, cables, and guides you need to get started. The modular, powerful data acquisition system interface can be used with BIOPAC’s amplifiers and accessories AND with equipment you already have. Place one or more MP160 Systems in a local area network (LAN); use any computer in the LAN to record from any MP160 system in the network. Add amplifier modules, transducers, and electrodes for your specific needs.

MP160 Data Acquisition Hardware

  • Ethernet-ready data acquisition and analysis
    • ships with compact USB 2.0 to Ethernet Adapter, 10/100 Mbps, no external power adapter required
  • Record multiple channels with differing sample rates
  • Record at speeds up to 400 kHz (aggregate)
  • Learn more about MP160 Research Systems

Watch NowWatch Tutorial Screencasts now to learn more about BIOPAC hardware, data acquisition, and analysis automation.

AcqKnowledge Acquisition & Analysis SoftwareACQ Graph

AcqKnowledge is an interactive, intuitive program that lets you instantly view, measure, transform, and analyze data. Perform complex data acquisition, stimulation, triggering, and automated analysis routines using simple pull-down menus and dialogs—no need to learn a programming language or new protocol. Online analysis settings, filters, and transformations provide real-time feedback, or you can choose from a wide variety of off-line analysis tools. Multiple display options are available during and after acquisition—just click on an icon to flip between Chart, Scope, X/Y, Overlapped segments, Histogram, or FFT. The software also includes quality presentation capabilities.

These systems include the AcqKnowledge Network Data Transfer (NDT) License to support the biofeedback link.

  • AcqKnowledge software is licensed for a single user for use on one MP System. For multiple concurrent users, see our Site License Program.

BioNomadix Wireless Recording

Wearable, wireless recording devices allow subjects freedom of movement and deliver the signal quality your scientific research demands. BioNomadix® module pairs consist of a wireless Transmitter and matched Receiver. Each pair is specifically designed to measure and optimized for the specified signal types(s).  Dual-channel transmitter-receiver sets record ECG, EEG, EMG, EOG, EGG, EDA, Pulse, Temperature, Respiration, Cardiac Output, Heel/Toe Strike, Clench Force, Accelerometry, or Goniometry.  Module sets incorporate internal, non-distorting, highpass and lowpass filters to provide for high quality amplification of the complete waveform.


With the Biofeedback linking protocol—a proprietary utility and AcqKnowledge software with a Network Data Transfer (NDT) license—events from the virtual or augmented world (AR) and physiological data are synchronized. NDT has the capability to send all of its channels over the network to other computers as well as the same computer. The data from AcqKnowledge—such as physiological recordings, digital markers, and calculation channels—can be used in real time by the VR System or other applications. The linking protocol allows you to use a feedback loop for greater control and automation of the VR world—change the VR world in real time, based on the subject’s responses.


VizMove VR Systems are complete VR hardware and software solutions with everything you need to create and experience virtual reality content. Choose the System that suits your lab space, participant population, mobility requirements, and budget.

All VizMove VR Systems include

  • High-performance rendering computer.
  • Vizard development platform: Vizard is the most powerful, innovative virtual reality development platform. It includes a set of powerful, scalable, and flexible tools for creating VR applications and provides everything you need to rapidly build and deploy a wide range of immersive, 3D experiences.
  • Additional environment presentation, navigation, and tracking components as detailed below.

VizMove Seated VR

VizMove Seated VR is ideal for users in design visualization and consumer research analysis in a typical lab setting where space may be limited—does not require any more space than a typical monitor-based stimulus presentation system but is much more immersive. Participants are typically seated and can look freely in all directions. This compact virtual reality system uses a VR headset and gamepad controller.

  • Visualize complex environments
  • Navigate large areas
  • Set up system quickly and easily in a small area

Core Features

  • Navigation: Navigate in virtual worlds using a gamepad controller.
  • Development Ready: Pre-configured system has everything you need to create sophisticated VR applications.
  • Scalable: Cost-effectively expands to meet all of your VR requirements. Add motion tracking, biofeedback devices, haptic devices, and more.

VizMove Standing VR

VizMove Standing VR is ideal for research in which precise 3D manipulation, measurement and motion tracking need to be combined with fully immersive virtual reality applications, and this setup fits in a small lab space. Participants can move forward and sideways with improved realism—approach/avoid avatars or objects just as naturally as in the real world. Using the infrared cameras for tracking dramatically improves the quality of the tracking; participants will feel more comfortable and will be able to move around more freely while being tracked precisely, plus additional objects, such as an object the participant is holding, can also be tracked.

This VR System includes a HMD, navigation wand, and Precision Position Tracking (PPT) with  two sensors and tripods that allow for six degrees of freedom (6DoF) and movement at a 1:1 scale in the virtual world.

  • Visualize complex environments and look freely in all directions
  • Move at scale through the virtual world with high-precision tracking
  • Interact and navigate intuitively with position-tracked wireless controller

VizMove Walking VR

Presence Through MotionVR-walk-office

VizMove Walking VR is well-suited for a broad range of applications including behavioral research, industrial training, design visualization, and architectural walk-throughs. Participants can move freely in all directions and experience complete presence and full immersion. Choose this system when navigating the environment with walking is important for the experiment. Furthermore, because more cameras are used, participants can face any direction and assume practically any posture while maintaining accurate tracking.

This VR System includes everything you need to create and experience interactive wide-area walking virtual reality applications.

  • Immerse yourself in a wide-area walking environment with full freedom of movement
  • Move at scale through the virtual world with high-precision tracking
  • Interact and navigate intuitively with position-tracked wireless controller

Core Features

  • Wide-area Motion Tracking: Walk, jump, crouch, and even run through the virtual environment at a 1:1 scale with the physical world.
  • Interactivity: Interact and navigate virtual worlds as you would in the real world, through movement
  • Development Ready: Pre-configured system has everything you need to create sophisticated VR applications.
  • Scalable: Cost-effectively expands to meet all of your VR requirements. Add eye tracking, biofeedback devices, haptic devices and more.

VizMove Projection VR

Creation Through CollaborationVR-projection-group

VizMove Projection VR is very easy to set up and it is completely unobtrusive and untethered. Well-suited for a broad range of applications with a team of participants—including behavioral research, industrial training, design visualization, and architectural walk-throughs—and for participant populations where freedom of movement is more critical for uninhibited immersion (autistic, elderly, children, etc.).

VR Projection creates virtual worlds via 3D projections in a “cave” like environment and participants wear lightweight 3D glasses (system includes 5 pairs, can be extended to 15 – 20 total, depending on room size).

  • Visualize designs and complex environments
  • Move at scale through the virtual world with high-precision tracking
  • Share virtual experiences with entire groups to collaborate on data and designs
  • Interact and navigate intuitively with position-tracked wireless controller

Core Features

  • Collaboration: Tap into the power of social presence and visualize immersive 3D environments with small or large teams via large scale 3D projections.
  • Navigation: Freely walk around with wide-area motion tracking and intuitively explore a 3D virtual environment.
  • Development Ready: Pre-configured system has everything you need to create sophisticated VR applications.
  • Scalable: Designed for expansion and customization. Add projectors to support larger audience and increase the tracking area as your needs grow. Add glasses to increase the number of participants.


System ComponentsSeatedStandingWalkingProjection
Vizard: Build complete, interactive VR applications & download dozens of environmentsxxxx
VR Headset: state-of-the-art headset & VizConnect output interfacexxx
3D projectors &
3D glasses
PPT Motion Tracking System estimated max tracking area*2 cameras
up to 3m2
4 cameras
up to 7m2
3 cameras
High-performance rendering computer**xxxx
Portable (laptop) option availablexxx
Controller: Navigate the virtual world while seatedgamepadwandwandwand

*Tracking area is dependent on ceiling height and other environmental factors.

**Portable options available: Laptop-based systems let you take your virtual world on the go. Portable systems include a laptop and ship in a custom-built component case that makes travel easy. Ask your BIOPAC rep for more information.

BIOPAC is a certified partner with WorldViz


BIOPAC is a certified partner with WorldViz


VR Demo – Acrophobia

PPT Motion Tracking

BioNomadix Wireless Amplifiers | Wireless Physiology Monitoring


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