VizMove virtual reality

VizMove Interactive Virtual Reality Systems with MP System

BIOPAC wireless physiology system linked with VizMove VR

Rapidly create a wide range of immersive 3D experiences

Power and Performance for Your VR Lab

These VR Systems provide BIOPAC wireless physiological data recording—MP160 System and BioNomadix—with a VizMove VR System, plus the biofeedfack link. Record and analyze physiological, behavioral, and subjective response data in realistic, immersive environments that would be impossible or prohibitively expensive in the real world. Add auditory, olfactory, haptic, and electric stimulus for an incredible degree of realism. Eye tracking HMD options also available.

MP Research System with BioNomadix wireless recording

Get all the benefits of wireless with the quality & integrity of a wired system. The MP160 data acquisition and analysis platform with AcqKnowledge software provides a complete, wireless in-lab solution that supports advanced analysis. The MP160 can record up to 16 channels of data for multi-subject or multi-parameter protocols for multiple applications. These VR Systems get you started with two dual-channel BioNomadix transmitter-receiver sets for four channels of your selected biometrics.

Biofeedback Link

The biofeedback link uses AcqKnowledge software with Network Data Transfer and a proprietary utility to tightly synchronize VR world events with real-time physiological response data, allowing you to change the environment in real time, based on the participant’s responses.

VizMove Systems

VizMove Virtual Reality Systems allow you to start running a high-res virtual reality lab from the moment you unpack the box. A great solution for starter VR labs that want to expand their stimulus delivery capabilities, VizMove Systems include everything you need to create and experience interactive virtual reality applications for a variety of protocols. Systems are offered to meet specific research needs and lab space for single or multiple users:

Seated VR | Compact & Precise: Computer, Vizard software, VR headset, Gamepad controller
Standing VR | Precision tracking: Computer, Vizard software, VR headset, 2-sensor PPT motion tracking with wand (up to 3m2)
Walking VR | Wide-area Motion Tracking: Computer, Vizard software, VR headset, 4-sensor PPT motion tracking with wand (up to 7m2)
Projection VR | Stereoscopic multi-user experience: Computer, Vizard software, two 3D projectors & 5 3D glasses, 3-sensor PPT motion tracking with wand

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VR Demo – Acrophobia

PPT Motion Tracking

BioNomadix Wireless Amplifiers | Wireless Physiology Monitoring


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