VR Biofeedback

VR Biofeedback

Hardware Package: Wired
Applications: Stim-Response | Virtual Reality
Advanced Features: Interface With Third-Party Transducers, VR – Acrophobia, VR – Cue Reactivity, VR – Environment Resources, VR – Fear of Flying, VR – Iowa Gambling Task, VR – Public Speaking, VR – Vizard VR Toolkit, Consumer Neuroscience – Virtual Reality

BIOPAC solutions for biofeedback and virtual reality (VR) can utilize the two-way communications interface for VR. The interface sends marker information from the virtual world to the MP Data Acquisition System and includes the biofeedback data transfer protocol for real-time digital communication, which allows the participant’s physiological feedback to control the VR world.

VizMove turnkey VR System plus biofeedback link to tightly sync immersive events and real-time physiological response data from your existing MP160 Research System—change the world based on subject’s response. Choose Seated, Standing, Walking, or Projection VR.

To learn more about solutions for research using biofeedback and virtual reality, click the the Applications & Advanced Features linked above, or visit the VR Resources page to see some examples.

VR & Stimulus Catalog Wearable, wireless physiology data recorders



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