VizMove Interactive VR

Hardware Package: Wired
Applications: Stim-Response | Virtual Reality
Advanced Features: Interface With Third-Party Transducers, VR – Acrophobia, VR – Cue Reactivity, VR – Environment Resources, VR – Fear of Flying, VR – Iowa Gambling Task, VR – Public Speaking, VR – Vizard VR Toolkit, Consumer Neuroscience – Virtual Reality

VizMove Interactive VR

VizMove turnkey Virtual Reality system—start running a high-res virtual reality lab from the moment you unpack the box. System options for a variety of lab space and subject mobility requirements. Select seated, standing, walking, or projection VR for single or multiple users.

Part #: VR-WALK

Virtual Reality Oculus


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Applying brain-computer interfaces and robotics to research opens doors to lots of new...

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