VR HMD with integrated fNIRS headsets for synchronized data
Part #: VR 8-8-EEG, VR 8-8

MedelOpt fNIRS Systems for VR

MedelOpt® fNIRS Systems for VR offer an integrated solution for Virtual Reality with NIRS or NIRS+EEG. The fNIRS headset is integrated with the Meta Quest2 Head Mounted Display, which is included with the system.

Combining VR with fNIRS allows researchers to measure brain activity in response to simulated environments, providing insights into how the brain processes and reacts to different stimuli. Researchers can study the effects of VR on attention, memory, decision-making, and emotional response.

The flexible, adaptable headset supports acquisition for up to 8 hours. Use for research applications with regions of interest from prefrontal to the cerebellum and through parietal, and lateral cortex. Integrate MedelOpt with other physiological data from BIOPAC devices for multimodal data acquisition.

Systems include
– Virtual reality headset: Meta Quest2 + Elite Strap
– 8 emitters / 8 receivers
– 2 short channels
if purchased: EEG
– Control ebox unit
– ElOpt Software
– Mobility Pack (MiniPC + Battery)
– HMD Integration accessories

Note: VR Systems are sold separately

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