Virtual Reality and fNIRS Integration

Thursday, November 2, 2023

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Introducing MedelOpt VR – a new whole-head, fNIRS + EEG + VR + PHYS neuroimaging headset.

BIOPAC will present this new technology that allows researchers to create virtual reality experiments and integrate fNIRS and physiological data. Combining VR with fNIRS enables researchers to measure brain activity in response to simulated environments, providing insights into how the brain processes and reacts to different stimuli. Researchers can also study the effects of VR on attention, memory, decision-making, and emotional response. You will learn how to create an experiment and perform a demonstration with a Multiple Object Tracking in Virtual Reality while wearing an HMD and recording fNIRS setup. You will also learn how to analyze the fNIRS data while improving signal quality by using systemic physiology data.

What will be covered:

Virtual Reality:

  • Designing virtual reality experiments with minimal (or no) coding
  • Adding interactivity
  • Using 3D models vs 360 images and videos
  • Latest tools for eye tracking analytics, body tracking, hand tracking, facial tracking, mixed reality
  • Integration with physiological data and fNIRS
  • Collaborative VR with multiple participants


  • Recording high-density fNIRS while wearing an HMD
  • A complete workflow demonstration while recording fNIRS and systemic physiology
  • Analyzing fNIRS based on VR markers and improving data quality with systemic physiology

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Marion | SeenelAbout Marion A. Vincent

Dr. Marion Vincent obtained her Ph. D. in 2017 from the University of Montpellier and the National Institute for Research in Digital Science and Technology, France.
During her PhD, she focused on the evaluation of the electrophysiological effects of Direct Electrical Stimulation of the brain during low grade glioma surgery (supervision of Prof. F. Bonnetblanc and Senior SCI. D. Guiraud).
In 2018, she obtained a permanent Research Engineer position at the CNRS and the SCALab of Lille University, France. Since then, she has dedicated her expertise in brain signal acquisition and analysis to engineering developments for affective and cognitive neurosciences.
She has joined Seenel Imaging as a Neuroscience Application Specialist in early 2023, to work on the new bimodal neuroimaging EEG/fNIRS device MedelOpt, combining electrophysiological and hemodynamic responses.

About Alex Dimov

Alex Dimov (BIOPAC Systems, Inc.) has been teaching workshops on the topic of physiological data acquisition and analysis for nearly 15 years. While at UC Santa Barbara he was an instructor for The Advanced Training Institute for Virtual Reality in Social Psychology. He joined BIOPAC as an application specialist and now oversees European Sales for BIOPAC.

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